MTG Game Definition Changelog

Note that all game def updates from here-on will have a built-in changelog.  When you first load up a game after updating to a new version, a series of dialog boxes will appear which show you a changelog for each update since the last time you loaded a game.  You will only see each changelog once.

What’s new in
– Added a changelog dialog that displays when a game is started.
– Added a table submenu to separately enable/disable alignment, autoscripts, and attachment aligning.
– Attaching a card to another player’s card will pass control of it to your opponent.
– Detached auras will trigger destroy scripts remotely for the player who controls the aura.
– Manually moving a card around the table will move all its attachments with it (while attachment aligning is enabled).
– Fixed the mana symbols showing up in the chat log.
– Added Theros Intro packs and Event deck.
– RTR’s Izzet Ingenuity intro deck now contains the correct basic lands.
– Fixed Clear All (esc) not removing target arrows.
– Clear All (esc) will not remove the Does Not Untap highlight.
– Removed all manipulations of cards you don’t control from alignment code (all done remotely now).