MTG Game Changelog

The big update is now live on the octgngames feed. Since this update includes a rewrite of the autoscript processing engine, there may be certain parts of the game which did not function as well as they did before. Keep an eye out for such issues, and please report anything of concern (include the game action and/or card name that is causing problems). You can report either in the comments here, in the MTG github repo, or in the lobby chat.

Please note that there will be an update to the Tokens image pack (, which upgrades your installed token images to the new format. Some of your tokens will be missing artwork until then.

CHANGELOG (may be some stuff missing):

  • Huge rewrite of the autoscript processing system (this shouldn’t be too noticeable for players, unless something ends up broken)
  • Added M14 tokens to the database
  • Identical tokens with different artworks have been combined together into 1 card, with the other arts showing up as Alternate cards.
  • You can swap Token arts by right-clicking the token and selecting ‘Swap Token Art’
  • The autoscript token generator will always produce the token you chose in the Swap Token Art method.
  • Your selected token arts and Disable Autoscript settings will be permanently saved, even if you leave the game.
  • Flashback support added, use ‘Cast Card (Flashback)’ or the CTRL+F hotkey in your graveyard
  • Morph is properly supported via the ‘Cast Card (Morph) action, or the CTRL+F hotkey in your Hand or Library
  • Morphed can now trigger autoscripts when flipping face-up
  • Double-clicking a card while viewing your Library will now move it to your hand (instead of triggering the ‘Draw Card’ action), and ask if you want to reveal its name to opponents.
  • Removed CTRL+S hotkey for shuffling Graveyard, Exile, Sideboard, Command Zone, Plane/Scheme Pile
  • The game properly notifies which ability you activated, or which mode you chose, in the chat log
  • Made basic mana symbols easier to search for in the deck editor:
    {W} –> @
    {U} –> #
    {B} –> $
    {R} –> %
    {G} –> ^
    {TAP} –> ` (apostrophe above tab key)
    {UNTAP} –> ~
    {SNOW} –> =