May 24

My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Set Changes

  • Canterlot Nights Added – C’mon everypony… I want to see you SMILE!

Gameplay Changes

  • Mark Card as Pumped (F8) – F8 will create a special border around cards on the table that marks them as Pump cards (and makes it easy to tell they aren’t “in play.” A card marked as a Pump card will not get automatically returned to your deck when you do a Cleanup Faceoff (Alt+C).
  • We suggest that you use the Alt+X command to roll an any-sided die to handle the new cards that require selection of a random target. The easiest way to manage this is to just assign each card a number from left-to-right, then roll the die and select whichever one’s number came up.
  • You can resolve Goof-Off’s effect against your opponent’s Problem Deck by right-clicking on their deck and using the “Look at Top X” to see the top card. You can then tell them to either leave it on top or move it to the bottom (which can be done by dragging the card and dropping it in the lower third of the deck – a down arrow will appear and the card will go to the bottom of the deck).