May 24

My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Set Changes

  • Canterlot Nights Added – C’mon everypony… I want to see you SMILE!

Gameplay Changes

  • Mark Card as Pumped (F8) – F8 will create a special border around cards on the table that marks them as Pump cards (and makes it easy to tell they aren’t “in play.” A card marked as a Pump card will not get automatically returned to your deck when you do a Cleanup Faceoff (Alt+C).
  • We suggest that you use the Alt+X command to roll an any-sided die to handle the new cards that require selection of a random target. The easiest way to manage this is to just assign each card a number from left-to-right, then roll the die and select whichever one’s number came up.
  • You can resolve Goof-Off’s effect against your opponent’s Problem Deck by right-clicking on their deck and using the “Look at Top X” to see the top card. You can then tell them to either leave it on top or move it to the bottom (which can be done by dragging the card and dropping it in the lower third of the deck – a down arrow will appear and the card will go to the bottom of the deck).
May 10

MLP CCG – Canterlot Nights Update

Greetings pony card players!

We just wanted to provide a quick update regarding what’s going on with the MLP plug-in considering that the official card list v2 was released today, featuring errata for all existing cards and the card text for the new Canterlot Nights set. A new version of the plug-in with all of the cards from this list is currently in testing, and should become available around the Canterlot Nights street date. This will add in all the recently released promos along with the full Canterlot Nights set.

If you feel like you could contribute to testing the new build, please email and provide your Skype name.

In the meantime, we’d like to wish everypony much fun at the Prereleases happening this weekend! Remember to support the creators of this great game and your local stores – this tool is intended purely as a way to aid in playtesting and deckbuilding, not as a replacement for the actual game which wouldn’t exist without card sales.

Feb 09

My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Gameplay Changes:

  • Replacing Problems – Double-clicking a Problem on the table will now prompt you if you want to replace it.  This will handle putting the Problem on the bottom of your Problem Deck, putting the new Problem from the top of your deck back onto the table, and notifying all players that you’ve switched out your Problem in the game’s log.

  • See All Facedown Cards (CTRL+SHIFT+P) – New command added that let’s you “peek” at all facedown cards on the table that you control at once. This is particularly useful after a Villain has frightened a large group of friends and you need an easy way to tell which cards are which.
Feb 02

My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

There are a good number of changes with this patch to improve and speed up gameplay.  The biggest one is probably the ability to Tab through the game phases along with adding some automation for common things that happen during each phase.

Set Changes:

  • Promo Set: Pinkie Pie, Ear To Ear has been added.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Next Phase (TAB) – Hitting tab now will let you easily cycle through the phases of the game. At the start of your turn you can hit TAB once and the game will Ready all your cards, draw you a card, and give you action tokens.  After that it will trigger the Troublemaker Phase, Main Phase, Score Phase, and then let you End your Turn.

  • Starting the Troublemaker Phase will now check if you have facedown Troublemakers on the table and prompt you to flip them up. If you select “Yes” it will automatically flip them for you.

  • Starting the Main Phase will now check if you have any Inspired on the table. If so it will prompt you to use Inspired.

  • Pay 1 To Draw (Ctrl+A) – This new function will spend a token to draw you a card, and clearly state in the log that’s what you’re doing.  If you need to draw without spending tokens you can still use Ctrl+D and Ctrl+Shift+D.

  • Enter and Ctrl-Enter will now spend and gain action tokens. While most people use the arrows, this might be easier for some to have a simple keyboard shortcut.

  • Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+W will now increase and decrease your points. Again you can still use the up and down arrows on the counter itself, but this might be easier for some.

  • Ctrl+P is now an alternate shortcut way to do a faceoff flip. F10 still works as well.

  • Roll an X-Sided Die (Alt+X) – Let’s you choose the number of sides – default is a D20.
Jan 26

My Little Pony CCG – Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Deck Changes:

  • The Pinkie Pie Enhanced and Rarity Enhanced decks incorrectly had copies of the Rarity Mane Character instead of Rarity, Nest Weaver.  The deck files have been corrected and the fixed decks are marked with (fixed) in the file name.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Game Setup (F12) now has a pop-up menu to allow selection of Starting Problem.  It also will place the selected Starting Problem and shuffle your Problem Deck for you.

  • Start Turn (F1) when used on the first turn of the game will now give the player the option to declare themselves First Player. This will automatically move the turn counter to the first turn and make them active player.

  • Start Turn (F1) now allows players to override the check to see if they’ve already started their turn. This can be used to fix situations if the game gets out of sync and thinks you’ve already started your turn when you haven’t.

  • End Turn (F5) now will play a pony squeak sound if you have sounds enabled.
Jan 12

MLP:CCG Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Set Changes:

  • Fixed typo on card “Two Bits”

Gameplay Changes:

  • Start Turn (F1) now will auto-ready exhausted cards
  • Fixed bug with new Inspired (Alt+I) functionality that could cause error messages to pop up and leave the opponent’s deck under the other player’s control
  • Clear Face-off (Alt+C) now only affects cards owned by the player doing the function.  Each player will need to clear their own cards.  This is so if a player has an ability that does something with the cards that have been flipped, their opponent cannot accidentally clear them off the table too quickly.


Patch Notes

Set Changes:

  • -Added PF2 (Applejack – Farm Foremare) to Promo Set.
  • -Fixed several typos

Gameplay Changes:

  • Inspired – Activating Inspired (Alt+I) now does the following:
    • Pops up a dialog where you can choose the number of cards Inspired will let you see. The default value is set based on the count of the number of “Inspired” keywords you have on the table, so it probably will be correct to leave it as is.
    • -Displays all cards at once, and allows you to specify which cards to put on Top or Bottom along with the exact order.
  • You can no longer change the phase of the turn unless you are the active player.
Dec 31

Plug-in Information

Useful Information

If you have questions, please email them to

Quick Install:

  1. Click [Add Feed] in the Games Manager tab within OCTGN.  Give the feed a name (We suggest “OCTGN Games Directory”) and put in the URL listed above.
  2. Select the feed you just added, and select the “My Little Pony – CCG” plug-in from the list.  Click ‘Install’
  3. That’s it, you should be able to go into the Deck Editor and start playing around with decks (there are several included with the plug-in to get you started), and find other people online to playtest with.

This plug-in creates virtual proxies of all cards needed. However, if you do not like the use of proxies, the OCTGN software does allow you to scan in your own cards and add the images to OCTGN (as an OCTGN subscriber, you can drag and drop any image file over the proxy image in the Deck Editor and OCTGN will display that image for the card from that point forward). If you do this, please be aware that you can only use the images for personal use.

This plug-in is intended for private non-commercial use only.

-The MLPOctgn Team