What is this Multiplayer Format?

It is simply just playing MLPCCG with 3-4 players with some tweaks to the normal rules. It is currently still in beta, you can find the rules of this format here!

How to play Multiplayer in OCTGN?

To start multiplayer, the lobby leader need to set the table from “two-sided” to “one-sided”. The lobby leader will also need to ensure that there are 3 or 4 people in your session to start multiplayer. This will tell the game to use the multiplayer setup and you can continue as per normal. Do note that using a “two-sided” table will mess up the arrangement of cards.

There is also an extra functionality added in multiplayer. You can rotate cards in any direction by right clicking it and hover over “Card Rotation”. You can then pick any direction to rotate OR you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard as a shortcut, just select the card and press any arrow key to pick the direction you want to rotate the card to. Use this to properly orientate the card when moving your cards to your opponent’s problem.

NOTE: If you want to move an exhausted card to the opponent’s problem, please ENSURE YOU READY THE CARD FIRST before rotating the card to match the opponent’s problem. This ensures that the problem you are moving the card to is not the same direction as the exhausted card is facing. If so, it will confuse the exhaust function.

What is Villain Challenge?

Villain Challenge is a unique, fan-made format where, three players (called Challengers) will team up to take down a single opponent (called the Villain) in an exciting single-game match with alternate win and/or lose conditions. It will take teamwork and strategy to defeat the Villain, who often doesn’t play by the normal rules, but the fate of Equestria is at stake. If you want to find out more, visit the reddit post here!

How to play Villain Challenge in OCTGN?

To start Villain Challenge, the lobby leader need to ensure the table is set to “two-sided”. The leader would then only pick one of the 4 players to be on side ‘B’. This can be done by clicking the small box with the letter ‘A’ on it. The player on side ‘B’ will be considered as the Villain by the game. Do note that other players might not see themselves on side ‘B’, so my suggestion is to only allow the lobby leader to change sides.

'A' Side

Once the Villain is selected, the lobby leader can start the game. Once loaded, any player can start Villain Challenge by right clicking the table and select “Start Villain Challenge” option.

Start Villain Challenge

The game will reset and check if there is 4 players in the game and only 1 player on the inverted table. If everything is correct, the player will be given a choice to pick the Villain. Once the Villain have been picked, the game will load up all the essential cards. For the challengers, the game will pick either the first or second player to be the Main Challenger depending if first player is the Villain or not. The Main Challenger’s name will be shown in the game’s chatbox. He/She will control the Challenger’s Problems. In Nightmare Moon case, he/she will be also given the Resource called Spark of Friendship and have all the elements in their banish pile. Other Challengers can take control over these cards if needed, just take note that these cards can have only one controller.

Once all the essential cards are done loading, player can setup their decks. Do note that it is fine if you load a normal deck with it’s own problems. The game will remove them once the setup is done. As for the Villain, the game will also remove any Mane Characters loaded. Once done, the players can decide who to start first and continue with the game.

During the Challenger’s turn, all challengers will start their turn simultaneously. Every Challenger can move through the phases at their own pace. The game would only pass the turn to the Villain if all Challengers are done with their turn, so it is fine if you are done with your turn before the rest.

For more information, you can read up on the rule documents for each Villain Challenge listed below: