*Disclaimer and Introduction*

This plugin is intended for private non-commercial use only. Please support the official card game and the great people over at Enter-Play and Hasbro by buying the retail card products.

This plug-in creates virtual proxies of all cards needed to playtest. However, if you do not like the use of proxies, the OCTGN software allows you to add in your own pictures by using an image pack. To do this, go to the Games Manager tab and look for a button named Add Image Pack. Select the relevant o8c file and it will add in all card images for that set. If you do this, please be aware that you can only use the images for personal use.

*Setup Instructions*

1) Install OCTGN. Currently only Windows is officially supported, although if you’re on OSX you may have some luck with the Mac test client (

2) Under Games Manager, add a new feed.  You can name it anything you like (I suggest “MLP” or “OCTGN Games”) but put this as the URL:

3) Select and install the My Little Pony – CCG game!

4) See Gameplay Instructions for more on how to use this particular plug-in within OCTGN

5) The game comes with 12 decks prebuilt.  You can build custom decks using the Deck Builder within OCTGN or you can use this tool to turn your decks directly into OCTGN deck files.

*Quick Start*

1) Load your deck using the File->Load Deck

2) Determine a first player (suggest flipping a coin (Alt+F) or rolling dice (Alt+6 or Alt+X))

3) Use F12 to run Game Setup and select your Starting Problem

4) Use Tab to cycle through the game phases. At the start of a turn it will Ready cards, grant the correct number of Action Tokens, and Draw a Card (except on the first turn). At the end of a turn it will pass the turn to your opponent.

5) For Faceoffs, use CTRL+F to flip a card.  ALT+C will put flipped cards onto the bottom of your deck after the faceoff.

6) Shift left clicking a card allows you to mark it. If you Shift and hold left click on a card and then drag your mouse to another card, the game will create an arrow pointing to the other card.

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  2. When I try to enter URL for the feed and press “Add”, it says, “This feed is down or it is not a valid feed.”

    Is the feed down? When will it be up again?

    • It looks like the problem has might have been a change that made the feed URL case-sensitive. I tried it with lowercase letters and it worked – I’ve updated the instructions above.

    • You need to download and install the OCTGN program, then follow the instructions for setting up the Game Feed. The XML file you can create using the deck converter can go anywhere on your computer – when you go to playtest the game you simply load the deck file.

    • The game as downloaded does not come with card images – it generates proxies as stand-ins for the cards. If you own the cards, you are welcome to load scans of your cards into OCTGN and it has built-in functionality to display those images in place of the system-made proxies.

  3. I have tried getting this to work, however when I add the new feed, I enter a name and the url and receive this error message: “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object”
    Is there something wrong with the feed? I put in the url exactly as it it is written.

  4. Sweet; hopefully we can get an Absolute Discord image pack somewhere down the line, too. If not, I can wait until all card images for the set are released online so I can just manually add them to OCTGN myself.

  5. If anyone wants the High Magic expansion now, download the zip file below and follow the instructions inside the zip file. Feel free to use this method until the owner decides to update the game with High Magic.

    High Magic Expansion:

    Also, here are the image packs for Equestrian Odysseys and High Magic.
    Equestrian Odysseys:
    High Magic:

  6. Image packs for Tokens, and Marks in Time (a version with Royal Rares and one without the Royal Rares. These two are freely interchangeable through the “Add Image Packs” feature of OCTGN, just install the one you want to use and if you change your mind later on, install the other version and it will safely overwrite automatically.)


    Marks in Time (Royal Rare Version):

    Marks in Time (No Royal Rares Version):

    NOTE: Currently, the Marks in Time plug-in is missing the “secret” Ultra Rare #00 “Starlight Glimmer, Chrono Trigger” from the list. If and when GameMasterLuna updates Marks in Time to include this Troublemaker card, I will update the Image Packs for Marks in Time to include her.

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