Deck Building

The MLP:CCG plug-in comes with a dozen deck files to get you started – six decks based upon the preconstructed theme decks from the Premiere Set and six “Enhanced” decks that are tweaked and improved versions of those theme decks.

Designing and testing new decks is the primary purpose of this plug-in, however, so you’ll most likely want to start building and playing with your own creations. OCTGN has a built-in deck editor that is functional for making quick tweaks to decks, but may not be the easiest tool for building entire decks from scratch.

The folks who created have created an excellent tool for looking up cards and building decks at As you build a deck on Ponyhead the site stores your card choices within the URL. You can “save” a deck there easily by saving the URL after you’ve built your deck, and can reload that exact deck by simply pasting and going back to Ponyhead using that saved URL. With the web app below, you can use that URL to generate a functional .o8d deck file.


*If any of the cards are incorrect or the converter is not working, please contact GameMasterLuna at

6 thoughts on “Deck Building

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  2. States I do not have the game installed, but I do.
    Looking at the generated file, it seems that the id= portion has been altered in a recent update. The game= should be changed to 97c57de5-acec-418c-8f51-460aac7b386d and each of the cards has been given a new id= value.

    • That game ID “97c57d…” is actually the ID of a different plug-in. You need to install the game from the octgn game directory feed. Instructions can be found in the Setup section of this site.

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