Oct 12

Changing of the Royal Guard

Back in 2013 and shortly after the release of Premiere, I set out to do a plug-in for the MLP CCG. Primarily because I found the game interesting and I wanted to make sure people buying the game had the opportunity and tools to playtest and enjoy playing it. The fandom that makes up the core audience for this game is and always has been in large part an internet community, and one that is quite diverse geographically. Some players live in places with numerous others to playtest with, while some live in places without much in the way of a “herd” nearby.

It’s a couple years later with an explosion of new sets and cards flowing out there and the tournament scene ratcheting ever upwards, I find that I don’t have the time to keep managing things like I once did. The last couple patches have mostly been the work of a group of players who have the time and capability to keep this game up-to-date and provide timely patches. I think they’ve done an excellent job, and have asked them to take it from here.

I hope that whatever contribution I’ve made is one that has brought some measure of fun and happiness to people, and has brought friends the ability to play and better enjoy a great game together. I wish everybody the best of luck.


PS: There have been some questions regarding the Ponyhead-to-OCTGN converter and newer sets. This was a side-project I’d built that took advantage of the way the set files were being generated for the plug-in itself – a process that still required a good bit of manual effort initially to get new sets loaded. The new guys have built their own process for better automating the creation of new set files, which sadly means the converter that exists today will no longer receive updates. Perhaps somebody can pick up where this leaves off.

Apr 24

Still Alive

It’s been a while since this page was updated, so I wanted assure folks that this plug-in is still alive, and AD is intended to be added soon. Things have been quite busy, and it may be time to bring more people on board to help with keeping updates flowing at a faster pace. As with many of the plug-ins hosted on this directory, this plug-in is open source – if you know what you are doing and wish to contribute, pull requests that function as-is and improve things are both welcome and reviewed for inclusion in the main plug-in.

To clarify a point that has been emailed a few times, this plugin does not come with images – it stands alone as a tool for personal use with playtesting and deckbuilding, but the cool art and card designs are not ours to give. OCTGN does have functionality built in that allows users to replace the text proxies this plug-in creates with whatever you want, but keep in mind that is basic OCTGN functionality and not something the plug-in itself is involved with.

May 10

MLP CCG – Canterlot Nights Update

Greetings pony card players!

We just wanted to provide a quick update regarding what’s going on with the MLP plug-in considering that the official card list v2 was released today, featuring errata for all existing cards and the card text for the new Canterlot Nights set. A new version of the plug-in with all of the cards from this list is currently in testing, and should become available around the Canterlot Nights street date. This will add in all the recently released promos along with the full Canterlot Nights set.

If you feel like you could contribute to testing the new build, please email mlpoctgn@gmail.com and provide your Skype name.

In the meantime, we’d like to wish everypony much fun at the Prereleases happening this weekend! Remember to support the creators of this great game and your local stores – this tool is intended purely as a way to aid in playtesting and deckbuilding, not as a replacement for the actual game which wouldn’t exist without card sales.

Dec 31

Plug-in Information

Useful Information

If you have questions, please email them to mlpoctgn@gmail.com

Quick Install:

  1. Click [Add Feed] in the Games Manager tab within OCTGN.  Give the feed a name (We suggest “OCTGN Games Directory”) and put in the URL listed above.
  2. Select the feed you just added, and select the “My Little Pony – CCG” plug-in from the list.  Click ‘Install’
  3. That’s it, you should be able to go into the Deck Editor and start playing around with decks (there are several included with the plug-in to get you started), and find other people online to playtest with.

This plug-in creates virtual proxies of all cards needed. However, if you do not like the use of proxies, the OCTGN software does allow you to scan in your own cards and add the images to OCTGN (as an OCTGN subscriber, you can drag and drop any image file over the proxy image in the Deck Editor and OCTGN will display that image for the card from that point forward). If you do this, please be aware that you can only use the images for personal use.

This plug-in is intended for private non-commercial use only.

-The MLPOctgn Team