My Little Pony CCG Update Changes for the new Sideboard feature

Patch Notes


  • Allows Auto meticulous to be turned off and instead just notifying the user in chat if there is a meticulous card they can use. You can find the setting by right clicking your hand or use CTRL+SHIFT+C (Will reset to default after every game reset)
  • Now there are separate Tabs for drawing cards and gaining AT. One for readying cards, one for gaining AT, one for drawing cards and the last for going to the next phase
  • Fixed the green arrow bug but using it will jump the game toward by 1 turn since green arrow causes the game to start at turn 1 instead of 0
  • Added a sideboard pile to store sideboard cards
  • Temporarily disabled the automatic drawing of 6 cards after the setup phase (Will be rectified in a later update)

Since I’m current busy, I will not be able to do a proper rework of the setup phase until mid April onward. I hope the temporary workaround is sufficient for the time being. For now, if you plan to use the sideboard, please load in 50 cards and then put 0-5 cards in your sideboard pile. Thanks for reading!

NOTE: Villain Challenge is still broken in this version!

GitHub page:

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