My Little Pony CCG Update Leaders and Legends

Patch Notes


  • Added Leaders and Legends set
  • Made Zecora, Curative Cache ability fully automatic (Feel free to check it out!)
  • Added a warning if players start the game using the green arrow (There’s a bug with it, please use Tab instead)
  • Updated MLPCCG card’s back with a higher quality image
  • Fixed issue with TM facing up causing the ready phase to not draw cards and give AT to the player
  • Reworked all Sets and Image packs (Important, I will discuss below)

For sets and image packs:
I have renamed every set GUID to make it more organised and consistent. However, this breaks every image pack installed and needs some action from you guys. After auto updating to this version, I need you guys to uninstall the game from Games Manager and reinstall it. This would remove all old set GUID. Then go to your Documents/OCTGN/ImageDatabase/65656467-b709-43b2-a5c6-80c2f216adf9/Sets and remove every folder in Sets. This will remove all card images. After that, use the Games Manager and install the new All Sets image pack (Please join the Discord group to get the link).

For future updates:
Just a heads up, there might not be any major updates coming anytime soon after this. This is because I’m busy with my uni work and do not have as much free time to play around with OCTGN. So this means future updates might only consist of fixes to major game breaking bugs, new sets or adding special card abilities. If anyone want to add their own game features, you are welcomed to fork my GitHub page and make your own changes.

More info on special card abilities and dev tools for MLPCCG OCTGN can be found on the Discord group. I hope you guys enjoy the update!

NOTE: Villain Challenge is still broken in this version!

GitHub page:

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