Apr 24

Still Alive

It’s been a while since this page was updated, so I wanted assure folks that this plug-in is still alive, and AD is intended to be added soon. Things have been quite busy, and it may be time to bring more people on board to help with keeping updates flowing at a faster pace. As with many of the plug-ins hosted on this directory, this plug-in is open source – if you know what you are doing and wish to contribute, pull requests that function as-is and improve things are both welcome and reviewed for inclusion in the main plug-in.

To clarify a point that has been emailed a few times, this plugin does not come with images – it stands alone as a tool for personal use with playtesting and deckbuilding, but the cool art and card designs are not ours to give. OCTGN does have functionality built in that allows users to replace the text proxies this plug-in creates with whatever you want, but keep in mind that is basic OCTGN functionality and not something the plug-in itself is involved with.