My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Set Changes

  • Crystal Games Added – New set now available for your playtesting!

Misc Changes

  • Proxy generation improved. Can now properly display problems with a single requirement for the owner.


8 thoughts on “My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

  1. Okay, so… I’m trying to figure out how to make an image pack for the Crystal Games set, yet I can’t figure out how to make the client download the one I’ve been trying to make; it’s just being recognized as invalid, regardless of whether it’s a .zip or.o8c, and this is starting to tick me off.

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the effort that you put into this plugin. I really appreciate it. Would it be possible for someone with no experience in handling this stuff to learn how to update image packs so that everyone without OCTGN subscriptions can see the pictures? Could I help somehow?

  3. If you were asking me, I don’t know. If you were asking mlpoctgn, I have not heard from that individual since November. Sorry.

  4. I emailed the team the other day, seems they’re still alive and this aint dead, at the very least.

    I think the image packs may be handled by users, not this group. The CG one is linked in the comments of the ‘Setup’ page separately to the others.

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