Feb 09

My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Gameplay Changes:

  • Replacing Problems – Double-clicking a Problem on the table will now prompt you if you want to replace it.  This will handle putting the Problem on the bottom of your Problem Deck, putting the new Problem from the top of your deck back onto the table, and notifying all players that you’ve switched out your Problem in the game’s log.

  • See All Facedown Cards (CTRL+SHIFT+P) – New command added that let’s you “peek” at all facedown cards on the table that you control at once. This is particularly useful after a Villain has frightened a large group of friends and you need an easy way to tell which cards are which.
Feb 02

My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

There are a good number of changes with this patch to improve and speed up gameplay.  The biggest one is probably the ability to Tab through the game phases along with adding some automation for common things that happen during each phase.

Set Changes:

  • Promo Set: Pinkie Pie, Ear To Ear has been added.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Next Phase (TAB) – Hitting tab now will let you easily cycle through the phases of the game. At the start of your turn you can hit TAB once and the game will Ready all your cards, draw you a card, and give you action tokens.  After that it will trigger the Troublemaker Phase, Main Phase, Score Phase, and then let you End your Turn.

  • Starting the Troublemaker Phase will now check if you have facedown Troublemakers on the table and prompt you to flip them up. If you select “Yes” it will automatically flip them for you.

  • Starting the Main Phase will now check if you have any Inspired on the table. If so it will prompt you to use Inspired.

  • Pay 1 To Draw (Ctrl+A) – This new function will spend a token to draw you a card, and clearly state in the log that’s what you’re doing.  If you need to draw without spending tokens you can still use Ctrl+D and Ctrl+Shift+D.

  • Enter and Ctrl-Enter will now spend and gain action tokens. While most people use the arrows, this might be easier for some to have a simple keyboard shortcut.

  • Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+W will now increase and decrease your points. Again you can still use the up and down arrows on the counter itself, but this might be easier for some.

  • Ctrl+P is now an alternate shortcut way to do a faceoff flip. F10 still works as well.

  • Roll an X-Sided Die (Alt+X) – Let’s you choose the number of sides – default is a D20.