My Little Pony CCG – Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Deck Changes:

  • The Pinkie Pie Enhanced and Rarity Enhanced decks incorrectly had copies of the Rarity Mane Character instead of Rarity, Nest Weaver.  The deck files have been corrected and the fixed decks are marked with (fixed) in the file name.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Game Setup (F12) now has a pop-up menu to allow selection of Starting Problem.  It also will place the selected Starting Problem and shuffle your Problem Deck for you.

  • Start Turn (F1) when used on the first turn of the game will now give the player the option to declare themselves First Player. This will automatically move the turn counter to the first turn and make them active player.

  • Start Turn (F1) now allows players to override the check to see if they’ve already started their turn. This can be used to fix situations if the game gets out of sync and thinks you’ve already started your turn when you haven’t.

  • End Turn (F5) now will play a pony squeak sound if you have sounds enabled.

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