New MLP Game Version

If you were helping to test this plugin with an earlier version, please read.

Thank you for helping test this plug-in. Please note that the older test version of the plug-in (version 2.0.x.x. or lower) that was hosted on the old feed will no longer be supported.  You should uninstall the old version and instead install the new version of the game (“My Little Pony – CCG”) that is hosted here using the feed URL:

If you’ve created decks with the old testing plug-in, you’ll need to recreate them with the new.

2 thoughts on “New MLP Game Version

    • That URL is not a website that you go to in a browser. Instead, inside OCTGN you go go into the Games Manager tab and then click [Add Feed] and put that in as the Feed URL. It will connect and give you a list of games you can install, including the MLP game.

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