Marvel Champions on OCTGN is live!

This will be the homepage for the Marvel Champions OCTGN game package.

To play Marvel Champions, look for the Marvel Champions game in OCTGN’s Community Feeds directory.

The link to the image packs can be found on the Image Packs page! The image pack will be regularly updated as new/better quality images are released.

Jump into the Marvel Universe with Marvel Champions: The Card Game, a cooperative Living Card Game® for one to four players!

Marvel Champions: The Card Game invites players to embody iconic heroes from the Marvel Universe as they battle to stop infamous villains from enacting their devious schemes.

As a Living Card Game, Marvel Champions is supported with regular releases of new product, including new heroes and scenarios

This is a fan-made community project. We are in no way affiliated with the Marvel Champions publishers or any of its properties.

To learn more about Marvel Champions: The Card Game , please check out the official website at

The OCTGN Marvel Champions game package is an open-source community project. The code can be found here: