How to Play

The Mage Wars OCTGN module aims at automating a few things and then get out of the way of the players. Currently, only 2 player games are fully supported. Enhanced support for multiplayer games is planned for future updates. 4 players is the maximum number of players that is partially supported.

To use the built-in features proceed as follows:

1. Each player loads his Spellbook created with the Spellbook Builder. Once each book is validated each player will be prompted to select their marker color. Initiative will then be automatically rolled and the player with the highest the roll will chose which player will start the game.

2. This initializes a few things like player colors, channeling etc. The game phase for the first round is set to the first planning phase. During planning you prepare cards by double-clicking on them from your hand. They are then moved facedown to the table (you can peek at your own cards but not the opponents.)

3. Whenever you are done with a phase press Ctrl+Down Arrow. If you are the first to be done the phase token will be highlighted in your color to inform the other player. When the second player presses Ctrl+Down Arrow the phase progresses to the next phase. The Initiative, Reset & Channeling phases are automated.

4. The Upkeep phase has been partially automated. It will automatically calculate and apply damage from Burn and Rot Markers. We understand that you might want to perform another action, like regenerate, before you apply the damage from these marker. Most players in OCTGN accommodate this fact and apply the regeneration of life before the damage done by Burn and Rot Marker (even though it in reality it was done automatically). The automation to turn either of these features off can be found by right clicking on the Table Top and selecting Automation | Turn off Burns / Turn off Rot

5. All other phases are manual and as described above the game will advance to the next phase after both players have pressed Ctrl+Down Arrow.

6. When you want to activate a card you can double click on it to reveal it, if it is an Enchantment you will be prompted if you really want to reveal the card. After a card is revealed the casting player will be prompted to pay its reveal cost. Some calculations for ring discounts are performed. Spells with an “X” casting cost will be set to zero and a player will have to enter its mana cost (including ring discounts) manually.

7. Creatures & Mages automatically receive action tokens when flipped. Ready Markers along with Mage Specific tokens (Invisible/Pet/etc.), mist, load, and egg tokens are also automatically added cards that utilize them.

8. During play other tokens/counters can be assigned through short-cuts. To see a detailed listing of the shortcuts, once you are in the game, select Game Documents -> Instructions.

7. Dice are rolled by pressing the F1 key damage is applied by selecting the card to receive the damage and pressing F2. The D12 is always rolled even when not relevant (keeps it simple).

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