OCTGN Deck Converter

When you open up the OCTGN Deck Converter plugin you have three ways to import data.









File on my computer: Will import spellbooks in file format on you PC. The current text formats supported are:

  1. The text file export from the Arcane Wonders Mage Wars Spellbook Builder. This is not the sbb output by saving the spell book, but is under the Export | Text Menu.
  2. The text file from the native export from OCTGN.
  3. —- Near Future—-  A sbb file from the Arcane Wonders  Mage Wars Spellbook Builder

Webpage: You can use a URL to any of the forums BBCode based spellbooks. Note if multiple spellbooks are on the same webpage it will only import the first spellbook it finds. Here is a link to Schwenkgott’s Adramelech Face Melter spellbook on the forums. If you use this URL in the converter you will be able to use it (or use it a start point) in OCTGN.

Text from Clipboard: You can copy and paste from the web site into each category: Attack, Conjuration, etc. Count has to be leading.


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