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Once you have installed the Mage module for OCTGN you will have all of the card data, but none of the card art. As of the release the proxy card system is functional. If you want to use the card art (recommended) you will need to download and install the image pack file(s) (*.o8c)  and then install them by navigating to the Games Manager section of the OCTGN client and then clicking the “Add Image Packs” button and pointing the window that opens to the directory containing the downloaded Image Pack file(s).

The Image Packs are stored on a Dropbox folder that will typically contain two Image Pack files plus one for our German friends. The larger one will be the complete set of images as of the current release. The smaller file will update your current Card set with new or updated Images added/fixed since the release that added support for the latest official expansion. Select the both packs if your install is new and the smaller one if you have already installed the main Image Pack file.

An image pack is now available for the German gamers in the community. All players will need to first install the English version of the Image Pack and then install the German version of the Image Pack. This will result in any art that is not in the German Image Pack but is in the English Pack will be available. The nice thing about how OCTGN works is that a player with a German Image can play a game with someone with just the English pack as each player has and maintains their own copy of the card art. No translations for card data nor scripting are planned for now or any point in the future as that would truly mean a German version of the Mage Wars module for OCTGN. A big thanks goes out to Schwenkgott for doing all of the heavy lifting to make this all happen!

Ab jetzt steht auch ein Karten-Paket für deutsche Spieler der OCTGN-Gemeinschaft zur Verfügung.
Zuerst müsst ihr allerdings wie gewohnt die englischen Kartenpacks installieren und ab und zu updaten, damit ihr auf dem neusten Stand seid. Danach installiert ihr das deutsche Kartenpaket darüber. Ihr werdet alle Karten, die auf deutsch erschienen sind im Deckbuilder und im Spiel selbst auf deutsch sehen. Alle Karten, die noch nicht auf deutsch erschienen sind, bleiben weiterhin auf englisch. Anmerkung: Die Karten erscheinen im Chat weiterhin auf englisch, das Kartenpaket ändert nur die Bilder der Karten. OCTGN funktioniert hier auf eine günstige Art und Weise: Kartenpakets sind untereinander kompatibel. Ihr könnt also mit und gegen andere Spieler spielen, ganz gleich welches Kartenpack sie installiert haben. Ihr seht die Sprache eurer Wahl. Es ist für die Zukunft keine voll-übersetzte deutsche Version geplant. Mehr Komfort als die Bilder der Karten zu ändern, können wir euch leider nicht anbieten.

Click here to be taken to the Dropbox folder.

14 thoughts on “Image Packs

  1. I am unable to add the image file. It keep saying the image file is invalid. it is the one recommended for Mage Wars. I also cannot figure out the spell book builder.

    • I just tested on a new install and the Image Pack installed with no issues. Which one are you trying to install?

  2. 1-Go to the “ImageDatebase” directory ,
    2-erase the “9acef3d0-efa8-4d3f-a10c-54812baecdda” folder. (or make a backup first if you like)
    3-Try to install again.

  3. At work now, will download later.

    Anyway… only 38 Mb of images, with all the cards that exist? They dont seem to be very high quality, judging from the dimension of the file….

  4. There is only one image pack and it doesn’t have the academy cards, also doesn’t seem the list has been updated to include the latest academy release. Just curious, really interested in getting into Mage Wars on octgn because its so hard to find an opponent outside of OCTGN

  5. Hey, I downloaded the file from dropbox, but when I try to open the file using “Add Image Packs”, it won’t let me. Do you have any idea why?

  6. Hi, I’m downloading the image from drop box, but when I go to “Add Image Pack” I can’t select the files I downloaded. Any idea what I could do to fix that?

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