Issues – Spellbook Builder (SBB):

Q: Why does the Spellbook Validator plugin calculate the spell point value of the spell book to be wildly inaccurate?

A: The plugin has not been updated to the latest version. Please review the SBB page to find the procedure to update the Spellbook Builder DLL to the latest released version.

Q: When I select a card in the SBB, the preview only shows me the text of the card, not the image.

A: You are seeing the proxy of the card. You can turn on/off the proxy view by pressing the F12 Key. If this does not solve the issue, make sure that you have the latest image packs.

Q: The Spellbook Builder says that I can’t use the “xyz spell” with my “specific mage”. The “xyz spell” is legal for the mage in question. Example: The Spellbook builder says, that I can’t use the “Ring of Curses” with my Adramelech Warlock. What is wrong?

A: You Spellbook Builder plugin is out of date. Please follow the Automated Install steps on this page to update your plugin.

Issues – In Game:

Q: When I validate, I will get a message that says for example “Validate Failed. Card Drain Soul is not legal”. The mage is a Warlock, and this card is restricted to Dark Mages only. Same goes for other Mages and decks.

A: This issue sounds like your game database files (set.xml) are corrupt. To resolve the corruption, use the Games Manager in OCTGN to uninstall the module then reinstall it.

Q: I have the Red and Blue Initiative Markers but not the Green and Yellows ones, why?

A: You need to download and install the latest Image Packs

Issues – Card Data:

Q: I have found some data wrong with a card, what do I do?

A: Let me know on the Gamers Judgment Forum what card has issue and what is wrong with the current data.

Issues – Game Lobby

Q: I have downloaded OCTGN to my computer. I opened the game manager and added the game feed as per the install page but there is only 5 games available in the list and none of them are Mage Wars. Where do I find the download for Mage Wars?

A: In OCTGN navigate to Options | Advanced Options | Click the Check box for: Ignore SSL Certificate Checking (Use only on consistent feed errors)*



Q: When do you release new versions?

A: There is no set schedule or commitment for releases, this project is a labor of love. With that said, we have been trying to get updates out on a monthly basis.

Q: Arcane Wonders has released a new expansion, when will it be available on OCTGN?

A: This is a bit tricky, as soon as possible but getting all of the work done needed to support the new expansion takes a while. Since this module is not official the community needs to be careful and responsible about using the property owned by Arcane Wonders. This module in no way or intent is a replacement for the actual game or its expansions.

11 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I’m not sure where to post this, but I am having a problem with the spellbook validator. It is saying pentagram is not legal for Adramalech Warlock. The FAQ says I need to update the plugin, but the plugin page says at the bottom that the plugin is no longer installed separately, instead wrapped up in the main update. I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the module. How should I proceed?

  2. Yeah. Well, technically no, but looking at that page now, I see three links, one to the general OCTGN instructions for installing a new game (which is what I did, after uninstalling), one to the aforementioned plugin page, with the note at the bottom saying it’s not updated separately anymore, and one about image packs which is irrelevant.
    None of them change anything.

  3. That means that I do not post the dll outside of the package. In the past you could find the dll on the Dropbox page where you get the image files. On the SBB page please follow the automated install process.

  4. Hello,
    I cannot install the game, because I’m not able to find it in the list and im my octgn there are no advances option, so I cannot ignore SSL….Could u pls help me?

  5. Hi, I’m not sure that this is the right place for this but yesterday I had a problem with one card: Ghoul rot. It doesn’t work like other enchantments, I can’t attach it to a creature nor mage. When you go to “rules clarification” there is something about Spider Wolf with no sense…

    It isn’t a hard problem but it’s there.

    • raik,

      Thanks for the post. I am unable to duplicate the issue with Ghoul Rot not attaching to a Living Creature. Can you try again in a new game. However the card clarifications for Ghoul Rot have been updated and they will be seen when Domination is released on OCTGN.

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