& & & the bug fixes have been released

There were several of bugs reported to me that have been fixed.

  • The Spellbook Builder was not working properly (
  • Mage Equipment/Enchantment Armor was not working (
  • Pet’s Mage zone buff was not working (
  • Bloodthirsty was not working at all, including the Mage’s zone buff portion for Goran (
  • Minor Card Reveal Issue was also resolved (

Couple of new features for you even

  • Healing Charm is now automated ( heals for real! (
  • Tamped down on prompts for Decoy and Enchantment Transfusion (
  • Reveal Discount for Level 1/Minor Creatures has been implemented (
  • When revealed Wolf Fury Melee and Piercing buffs now work (
  • Steelclaw Cubs should now buff Steelclaw Matriarch ( properly (

Enjoy the update and let us know if you find any other issues!

5 thoughts on “ & & & the bug fixes have been released

  1. Could you help me? So I watched the tutorial on arcane duels youtube channel on loading mage wars and octgn. When I start a game the game board does not show? Also where do I get the most updated version to load into image packs? Is there a way to check that I have the most up to date or is it automatically updated thru the server? Sorry for all the questions excited to play but trying to make things work. Thanks!

  2. Please start by clicking the Install button at the top of the screen. Make sure to install the Mage Wars module. This is covered by the first sentence on the install page. Once you have the module installed it will be updated automaticly when once a new version is pushed out.

  3. When using the spellbook validator i keep receiving validation failed message. The plugins are dated 24/09/2015. please help !

  4. I found a little bug.

    There is a Tangle vine named skeletal Sentry when u search: Name contain skel.

    Skeletal Sentry Core Conjuration Plant, Vine 5 Quick 0-2 Corporeal Creature Nature 1 Armor=0, Life=8 Living, Flame +2, Hydro Immunity Target is Restrained and gains the Unmovable trait. Tanglevine cannot target creatures with the Flying or Uncontainable traits. Ranged attacks cannot target Tanglevine.
    [Restrained] [Unmovable] MW1J22

  5. Can you add the Academy mages to the SBB? I need them just to create spell books, not to play Academy in OCTGN.

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