and right behind it have been released!

Sorry it has been a bit busy on my side of things and I didn’t make the typical announcement about the release, and just back from vacation Schwenkgott and he has already found a bug that I wanted to quickly fix, so following right on its heals is the  release that fixes that little problem.

A little back story on why there was a release in the first place. With this weeks OCTGN update a long requested enhancement of mine and ACG’s was delivered. The update in question was to add in better support for game boards to OCTGN. Specifically two issues were fixed, the first is networking board changes. Up to this release, spectators always saw the standard Westlock 4×3 board regardless of what board was in play. This is now fixed, when a different board is “selected” this change is “networked” to all players and spectators. The second improvement has added support for multiple board sizes and associated shapes. This means that “zone detection” has now implemented for all boards.

With this new feature, we have been able to finish up a long planed overhaul of game setup and provide a path to support more features like Academy in the same game module. When a game is started, the Game Host, i.e. the person who started the game(typically), will be prompted to select an Arena or Domination match and then based upon that choice, will be presented with a choice of boards to select. After that you will go through the same set of questions as before: choose your Mages color and the winner of the winner of the initiative roll selects who goes first. The game is now setup and ready for you to load your Spellbooks.

Notice that the Game Host no longer is prompted to select where the Roll Dice Area is placed. While fixing Schwenkgott’s  issue, I snuck this cool little feature into the release. This selection has been moved into the Game Options menu. You can right click on the Table and select “Game Options” to set your preference, with the default being to the side of the Game Board. Remember this selection is used when you are the Game Host.

One other item to mention, is if you want what has always been the start of the game for you: just the plain Jane Westlock 4×3 board a it is still possible to have that. Once again it is a “Game Option”, right click on the Table and select “Game Options” from the context menu. Click on the Green “Prompt for Game Selection and Board” menu item, it will turn to the Red “Standard Arena Gameboard Enabled”, and with your next game you will only have 2 questions to answer: Mage Color and who goes first.

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