– Last set of fixes

This should be the last update for a bit, we are starting work on the Domination release and hope to have it out to you soon after release. What is fixed this time around?

  • Binding should work properly now
  • You can flip Vine Markers again
  • Placing markers on game markers like the Dice Roll Area or Vine Markers is prevented (again)
  • Updated Card Data to the 4th Edition (Arena) card text
  • Resetting the Game should work much better now and not throw any errors

Something that I didn’t mention in previous releases: The  Dice Roll Area and Phase/Initiative Markers are effectively buttons when double click on the DRA it will roll the dice for you, and when you double click on the Phase/Initiative markers it will signal that your mage is done for the Phase which is the same as Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+Down.


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