– The game returns to full functionality!

After all of the fun with new OCTGN release, I am happy to say that Attachments and Bindings are working again. A subtle change to one of the functions provided by OCTGN proved to be the issue, and it took me a while to figure it out.

As always if you find any issues, let us know here or on the forums!

3 thoughts on “ – The game returns to full functionality!

  1. I Sike23,

    First of all, big congrats for the work you’ve done so far for this game!
    Really appreciate it (…from France, where we’ve got only core set released :s )

    I’ve an issue with OCTGN mage wars games on my mac. The “roll a dice” action during a game always freeze wine.

    Can you do something and/or transfer this request to who can solve it.

    Sorry for my poor english.


    Sylvain (French beginner mage)

    • First I would try turning off sounds (right click on the table | Automation | Sound On/Off). If that fixes the issue then I would talk to the OCTGN guys and see if they could help with that.

      • Dear sike 23,

        I wasn’t able to go to automation but i managed to go in game option and disabled sound effect.
        This didn’t solve the freezing…

        Any intel on an other solution?

        Thank you in advance.


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