v1.12.0.0 – The Battle Calculator is here!!!!!!

Lots and lots of exciting changes this with this release, most importantly the Battle Calculator. When you attack we will do the work and the math! Yes it is that cool you just choose which attack you want to use and we will do the rest….

Death Messages, yes we have a large library of message custom tailored for the creatures when they fall in battle!

Much much more to be explained!

One thought on “v1.12.0.0 – The Battle Calculator is here!!!!!!

  1. All players need to have Auto-Initiative turned on for now, you can find it by right clicking on the table on the pop-up menu select Automation | Toggle Auto-Rolling Initiative I will get this fixed by time of the Domination release. Do this before you load your Spellbook and make sure the output says Enabled if not run the Toggle command again…..

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