v1.11.0.0 for Mage Wars has been released!

Hope you guys enjoy the first release of the New Year! Sadly this is the last release with lettucemode providing is help with the coding on the module. The good news is ACG has stepped up, and in a big way, to help enhance the module going forward.

His first touch and what a big one it is: Card attachments! You can drag and drop the card you wish to attach on to the target card and we will handle it from there! Now not much has been done on rules enforcement, but give him a bit of time and lets see what we can do!

Upkeep is now automated and will ask you to pay for your Upkeep during the Upkeep phase. Many bugs have been fixed, please look at the Changelog under Game Documents for more details.

What’s next? Well, we are moving to a quarterly release schedule for most updates. Hopefully Domination will be out by April and we can include that in the next release. Automation of Attachments will be fantastic as well as Attacks getting a major automation boost.

Thanks for you little ole Mage Wars Dev team! Have a Happy New Years!

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