v1.6.5.0 has been released

We typically push releases out once a month, but I think that this month deserves a special mid-month release. We have the Garrison Post errata card in this release, along with some automation for the siege engines with Load Tokens which are now Orange. Additionally the OCTGN dev team resolved an issue with a game events we were having. Now when you reset the game all of the game selections (like player colors and such) are reset.  In the Game Documents menu you will now find the Conditions Markers Reference Sheet.

As with the last release the full list of changes are in the Changelog in the Game Documents menu.

If you want the new Garrison Post card art, you will need to download and install the updated MW-NewCards.o8c file located here. At this point the full o8c file has not been updated.

If you find any issues please let us know!

Your neighborhood friendly Mage Wars on OCTGN dev team!

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