Spellbook Validator plugin found to calculate the value of the spell book to be wildly inaccurately

I have had several people report this issue. Each time it has been resolved by updating the dll to the latest version.

Please check the version of the file located in:

<Install Directory>\Octgn\Plugins\MWPlugin

if it is not version please update it with the one located in

<Install Directory>\OCTGN\GameDatabase\9acef3d0-efa8-4d3f-a10c-54812baecdda\Plugins\Octgn.MagewarsPlugin

If you are still having issues afterwards, please let us know.

12 thoughts on “Spellbook Validator plugin found to calculate the value of the spell book to be wildly inaccurately

  1. Thanks for the reply. I am baffled. When I check the version of Octgn.Magewars.dll in that location it is (This is via “Properties->Detals”. Updated 1/3/14.) I have looked in the public dropbox location and it is that version. I have downloaded it from github and it is that version. Where can I find v1.4.2.0 of that DLL?


  2. You are correct, the latest released build of the Deckbuilder dll is, I have updated the original post to reflect the correct version number. Thanks for the keen eye!

  3. Phew, it’s not me going mad then! The latest version of Mage Wars on Octgn is 1.4.2 – is that just a coincidence? Well, in any case, the latest version, v, of the DLL is not working for me. Please find linked below a deck which the game evalutes as 120 points but which the Deck Builder plugin evaluates as 204 points. Let me know if I can help test this any more.


    • When I run the attached book I get it validated at 120 spell points. This is with v1.4.1.0 of the SBB dll.

      The latest version of Mage Wars on Octgn is 1.4.2 – is that just a coincidence?
      No it isn’t. I didn’t see a need to recompile the dll just to bump from it from to when we did the quick bug fix.

      However this months work is progressing and the current test version of the dll was bumped to, hence my initial confusion.

      • Solved! It must have been using I did a search over my whole hard drive and found 8 copied of the file. Four of them were and the other four were I systematically replaced every instance of the 1.3 file with the 1.4.1 file and now it works! I had obviously failed to update the correct version of this file.

        Thanks for your help.

  4. I may have found a bug in If the Mage character card is below a card which requires the Mage then the validation fails. This can be a problem if you create a mageless “template” deck which you plan to use as a base for other decks because when you re-open the mageless deck it moves all empty categories, including the Mage category, to the bottom and does not allow you to reorder them.

    All the best!

  5. I understand what is going on, but if you don’t have a Mage to begin with how can the validator check what costs are in school, out of school, and opposing school.

    The SBB expects that the Mage Card and the Mage Stat Card to be the first and second cards in the book respectively.

    If you want to make template decks for a certain school or mage you can start with the mage cards as described and then once you are done with the deck to templatized the book remove the Mage Cards.

    • I’m not suggesting that the validator should work when you do not include a mage card – I’m suggesting that as long as you have one and only one mage card *somewhere* in the deck then it should work.

      If the octgn deck editor to ensured that the “Mage” category is always at the top, then your assumption that the mage cards would always be at the top would never be false. The use case that I describe is an example of where this assumption is false.

      A work around is for me to save my “template” deck with any mage which I will then remove when composing decks for other mages.

  6. I am not sure of how you caused this issue other than editing the o8d file in a text editor. When a new Spellbook is created the first section is always the Mage section. I am planning to update the pages here on GamesJudgement over the next month, I plan to break out the Spellbook Builder into its own page. I will include these items in as notes.

  7. Sorry if I failed to explain myself clearly. I have not edited the o8d file manually. If you create a deck with some spells but without a mage card, then you save it, close it and reopen it, the Deck Editor moves all empty categories below any categories with cards in them – including the empty Mage category!

    The only reason why I created a deck without a mage is to hold a single copy of all spells which I cannot live without in any deck which I build. I can then use this as a starting point for building future decks without worry that I have left out any “essential” spells!

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