Mage Wars v1.4.0 is live

lettucemode has done some amazing work this month! We both have working hard to get this release out the door. What’s new? Improved? Fixed?

Spellbook Builder:

  • Export your spellbook into Forum Code for the mage Wars forums
  • Card Proxies now work. F12 will turn on/off this feature in the Spellbook Builder

The Game:

  • When you load you deck, if it is not Validated the cards are removed for the game, you will need to fix the issue with the deck and reload it or reset the game
  • More Automation at Game Start – Once your spellbook is validated and you have selected your color, you will be notified to roll for initiative, after the second player has done so, the rolls are automatically compared and the winner is prompted to select the start player and the initiative token is then set accordingly.
  • You can turn off the Burn Notification via the Automation | Toggle Auto-resolving Burns menu item
  • Started work on improving how cards are handled, especially Enchantments, you are now prompted Y/N when you reveal an Enchantment. This can be toggled on/off via the Automation | Toggle enchantment reveal prompt menu item (looking for feedback on this)
  • Fixed a situation for when you place a marker on an unrevealed Enchantment, it would reveal the card name to your opponent in the chat window
  • Added additional notifications in the chat window so you can easily trace what has transpired during the game, like when you flip the Action Marker
  • Corrode markers now have a shortcut: Alt+C
  • Burns work on Conjurations now
  • Attempt to resolve Initiative Marker not flipping
  • The Vine Marker can now be flipped for mirror matches
  • Walls (as well as all cards) can be rotated to the 4 cardinal directions (the pointy end faces out)
  • The Druid has her Treebond marker on her now when she is revealed
  • The Necromancer has his Eternal Servant marker on him when he is revealed
  • Cards that start with Generic Tokens (Load/Mist) have a that token on them when they are revealed
  • Invisible/Visible marker on the Invisible Stalker is now automated and is placed on the Invisible Stalker automatically when it is revealed
  • Taunt Markers are placed on Thorg and Sorsoksu when revealed
  • Card Proxies now work, you will note some new columns in the Spellbook Builder (SBB), and those are used for this purpose. The layout of the columns has changed as a result. Let me know if you would prefer a different order, I will try my best to accommodate any requests along these lines, but we retain final ruling on items such as this.
  • Alternate Play work has started. You can now flip the board over and use ACG’s Zone marker cards to layout your own board size. Many thanks goes out to ACG, he has made me several versions of the card with the Compass on it (flip the regular zone card to reveal the Compass card), multi-player (3+) does appear to work, though automation is not fully working when changing phases
  • Spectating has been released for OCTGN as a whole and it works very well with the Mage Wars OCTGN module – please let us know if you have problems when people spectate.

Image Pack

  • There is an updated image pack which contains the cards for alternate play from ACG’s which can be found here.
  • You can also just down load a small image pack with just the cards for alternate play from also here.

What’s next?

  • Complete the start game automation
  • A place for cards that have been Obliterated to live
  • More spell casting improvements
  • Export your Spellbook into the AW SBB format
  • Spell count enforcement (in game and SBB)

Ideas and requests are always welcome…….if you have an issue or bug please report it to us and we will try to get it fixed

Thanks! The Mage Wars on OCTGN team


4 thoughts on “Mage Wars v1.4.0 is live

  1. Hey guys, ever since the last update, none of my decks work. I would open ANY deck (even pre built starter ones). When I validate, I will get a message that says for exampel “Validate Failed. Card Drain Soul is not legal”. And it is Warlock, and it is a Dark Mage only card. Same thing for Druid only, Holy only, every card like that.

    I tried rebuilding a deck, and it still does that.
    Please help

    • Andrei,

      It sounds like you set.xml (the data file) for your core set is corrupt. The quickest and easiest way to resolve this will be to un-install the Marge Wars Module (Games Manager), and then reinstall it. Please let me know if this does not resolve your issue.


  2. Thank you for your reply. I will try to do it in the evening, and let you know if it does not work. It also does it on Druid and Necromancer (not only core mages). It will say that Vinewhip staff is an illegal card for Druid when try to validate the deck.

    I will try to reinstall tonight. Thank you

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