Feb 01

Mage Wars v1.3.0 has been released!

lettucemode and I have been hard at work preparing the next release for all of the denizens of the Mage Wars Arena on OCTGN. What’s new? Improved? Fixed?

Spellbook Builder:

  • Epic, School, and Mage restrictions are now noted when you validate the deck

The Game:

  • Epic, School, and Mage restrictions are now noted when you load to deck and are noted along with the spell point restrictions. If your spellbook fails validation your player will not be setup, and you will be prompted to restart the game for both players in order to load a valid deck.
  • After your deck has been validated, you now select your Mages marker color, additionally, Green and  Yellow color markers are now available
  • Burns are automatically rolled and applied during the Upkeep phase
  • Use a two-sided table option is now “Unselected” by default
  • Lots and lots of data cleanup, Mort, IoP, Dissolve, etc
  • Added the Attack Bar Card Property which was separated out from the Text Card Property  (for future Proxy Card Generation)
  • Missing Promo art fixed
  • DvN art has been updated
  • The official Spellbooks are now included for the Druid and Necromancer
  • Slam markers now have a shortcut Alt+S
  • New smaller Vine Markers
  • Updated help document, should help those just starting out on the OCTGN system

What’s next?

  • Proxy Card Generation Implementation
  • Initial work on Alternate play. Flip the board over and play out ACG’s portable board cards! A big thanks goes out to ACG for the use of his art!
  • Initial work on improving how we handle Enchantments, which will be the first step in a longer term project
  • Work on the OCTGN Spellbook Builder (SBB) to import and export your spellbooks to/from the Mage Wars SBB
  • Export your OCTGN Spellbook into BBCode to paste into the Mage Wars forum
  • More automation/behind the scenes improvements

Instructions to update both the Spellbook Builder Plugin and the updated Image Pack file are here.

Ideas and requests are always welcome…….

Thanks! Your friendly Mage Wars on OCTGN team