The Spellbook Builder has been updated

lettucemode has stepped in and stepped up quickly! He has updated the spellbook builder’s dll to accurately calculate the Druid’s level 1 Water spellbook cost. Keep your eyes out, we hope to have a couple more updates out here soon.

You will need to download and drop the dll into the:

<InstallPath>\OCTGN\Plugins\MWPlugin folder

Make sure that you “unblock” the dll after complete the download. If you need more help with this, click on the Install link above.


7 thoughts on “The Spellbook Builder has been updated

  1. Thanks, these corrections will be in the next update. Yes, I know some art is not that great, and that will be fixed in the next release.

  2. I just noticed a minor, but important error: the Samara tree is listed at its original spoiler cost of 8 mana, instead of its final released cost of 7 mana.

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