New Mage Wars version 1.2.10

Mage Wars v 1.2.10 is up now.

Druid vs. Necromancer support added

–          The o8c file has been updated with the DVN cards and you must download the image pack again to get the new art*
–          Alternative art for Mages is now included
–          The three cards that were errata’ed now have the original cards as alternatives
–          Card Numbers for the CoK release have been updated
–          Numerous Typo’s fixed
–          In-game point calculation works but plugin doesn’t consider druid rule as of yet.

* A few of the DvN cards are low resolution at this time, they will be updated when better art becomes available.

This will be the last release from my hand (Cosworth). sIKE is still very active but needs some help so now is the time to step up if you have some coding skills in python and C#.

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