Randomness in Mage Wars

As soon as someone implements dice rolling in a computerized version of a game, someone else is bound to question the validity of the randomness of the rolls. Fortunately there are some people on the internet that take randomness very serious and have created a service via www.random.org that uses static from the atmosphere to generate random numbers (no – Air Wizards do not affect the outcome during play). This service has now been implemented in the Mage Wars OCTGN module version Remember that true randomness also includes clusters of repeating numbers so if you roll a lot of blanks don’t blame me – take it up with the dice gods.

A few other improvement have been added. Dice rolling is generally faster and automated reset of the tokens Ready/used, Deflect & Voltaric Shield are working.

Get busy rolling those dice.

4 thoughts on “Randomness in Mage Wars

  1. Is Voltaric jsut placed on the mage at start up or does it always toggle to on at the Upkeep? I’m not sure if the toggle should be automatic, if that is the case, since it is a tactical choice that happens during upkeep. Deflect switching to on works though since it isn’t paid for unless it is used during combat. Love this thing btw, great work.

    • Yes someone did suggest the rnd() function created clustered results. In Mage Wars you often roll 100+ dice during game so it does matter. Rather than having the discussion about random functions it was easier to implement a good solution like the one random.org provides. Saves me the trouble of proving whether rnd() is random or only semi-so.

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