Feb 18

Sharkbait rediscovered this site!

Hey, sorry for the long time in updating this. I’ve been keeping the game up to date, but clearly not this site. I kinda forgot it was here. Anyways, the image pack link should take you to the correct dropbox with the most up to date images. If leaving comments here doesn’t work, go here to chat in the discord. The community is super helpful and I check that far more often than this site.

Apr 24 & & & the bug fixes have been released

There were several of bugs reported to me that have been fixed.

  • The Spellbook Builder was not working properly (
  • Mage Equipment/Enchantment Armor was not working (
  • Pet’s Mage zone buff was not working (
  • Bloodthirsty was not working at all, including the Mage’s zone buff portion for Goran (
  • Minor Card Reveal Issue was also resolved (

Couple of new features for you even

  • Healing Charm is now automated ( heals for real! (
  • Tamped down on prompts for Decoy and Enchantment Transfusion (
  • Reveal Discount for Level 1/Minor Creatures has been implemented (
  • When revealed Wolf Fury Melee and Piercing buffs now work (
  • Steelclaw Cubs should now buff Steelclaw Matriarch ( properly (

Enjoy the update and let us know if you find any other issues!

Apr 17

v1.15.0.0 has been released

Back again with more support for Academy Cards in the Arena. Zone Attacks have been automated and much more, check out the Changelog once you have installed then look under Game Documents | Changlog. Oh yeah and there is a real cool 4×3 Forest board. If you find a bug please let me know!

This release requires an install of the updated Image Pack as well as the Spellbook Builder Plugin.

Feb 07

v1.14.0.0 has been released, Academy cards are available for play in the Arena!

It has been much longer than planned, but the new release is finally out and thanks to Arcane Wonders we have been able to include the art from the Mage Wars Academy: Beastmaster vs. Wizard. Yes make sure you give a big thanks over in the AW Forums, as you will have it here first!

As always there are many bug fixes, and some improvements! Regeneration is now automated! We have better Action markers, the Battle Calculator now takes Obscured in to account, there are many small minor improvements, you can read about them in the Changelog once a game has started. Look in Game Documents | Changelog.

Thanks to all of those who have helped get this release ready!

You friendly Mage Wars on OCTGN dev team….

Sep 05 and right behind it have been released!

Sorry it has been a bit busy on my side of things and I didn’t make the typical announcement about the release, and just back from vacation Schwenkgott and he has already found a bug that I wanted to quickly fix, so following right on its heals is the  release that fixes that little problem.

A little back story on why there was a release in the first place. With this weeks OCTGN update a long requested enhancement of mine and ACG’s was delivered. The update in question was to add in better support for game boards to OCTGN. Specifically two issues were fixed, the first is networking board changes. Up to this release, spectators always saw the standard Westlock 4×3 board regardless of what board was in play. This is now fixed, when a different board is “selected” this change is “networked” to all players and spectators. The second improvement has added support for multiple board sizes and associated shapes. This means that “zone detection” has now implemented for all boards.

With this new feature, we have been able to finish up a long planed overhaul of game setup and provide a path to support more features like Academy in the same game module. When a game is started, the Game Host, i.e. the person who started the game(typically), will be prompted to select an Arena or Domination match and then based upon that choice, will be presented with a choice of boards to select. After that you will go through the same set of questions as before: choose your Mages color and the winner of the winner of the initiative roll selects who goes first. The game is now setup and ready for you to load your Spellbooks.

Notice that the Game Host no longer is prompted to select where the Roll Dice Area is placed. While fixing Schwenkgott’s  issue, I snuck this cool little feature into the release. This selection has been moved into the Game Options menu. You can right click on the Table and select “Game Options” to set your preference, with the default being to the side of the Game Board. Remember this selection is used when you are the Game Host.

One other item to mention, is if you want what has always been the start of the game for you: just the plain Jane Westlock 4×3 board a it is still possible to have that. Once again it is a “Game Option”, right click on the Table and select “Game Options” from the context menu. Click on the Green “Prompt for Game Selection and Board” menu item, it will turn to the Red “Standard Arena Gameboard Enabled”, and with your next game you will only have 2 questions to answer: Mage Color and who goes first.

Aug 14

Domination is Here! Release has it all!

With todays release, Mage Wars Battlegrounds: Domination is now ready for play. Once you have the game start and get through the new and improved setup process, right click on the Table and select Load Map.

Numerous bug and Battle Calculator enhancements have been included. Along with the Dicetower promo’s!

Have fun, now go Dominate the Arena! But first you will need to update your card art!

Jun 08 – I think I have it coming my way now!

This release includes fixes for:

  • When you prepare Wall cards, currently they land in a different location than the non-Wall cards that are prepared which is a give away, this is now fixed
  • Vine Markers – man I have gone through three releases now working on these guys. I think I got it all working properly now, with a small bonus! The Vine Marker is now placed on the board where ever your pointer is at that time, note if you use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F1 it will create the marker at the center of the table. I also cleaned up the wording when you flip the marker over to its Black Vine Marker side
  • The prompt at game start will only appear once now, had a zero in the wrong place
  • Three new markers from the Mage Wars Arena release have been added and automated: Banish, Rage, and Wrath
  • Bloodfire Helmet is now implemented in the Battle Calculator
  • Wildfire Imps burn ability is now implemented in the Battle Calculator
  • Vampirism is working again and the prompt and chat text have been updated
Jun 03 – Fixes man Fixes!

Coming out of last weeks tournament there were several bugs that were reported, which have since been squashed.

If you have not already, please update your image pack. Why? If your Wall’s or Dice Roll Area look funky you may have not updated your card art with the latest image pack.

  • Added game support for the Host to be a Spectator, very useful for supporting the upcoming Thunderdome Tournaments
  • Vine Markers are now fully implemented, you can target them to attack them or use Burst of Thorns to launch an attack from one
  • If you legally attach a face-down Conjuration (i.e. Tanglevine) you will be prompted to pay for and cast/reveal it
  • If you avoid an attack, say with a successful Defense roll or revealing Fumble, the defending creatures Defense Barrier (if one is available) is no longer triggered
  • Forcefield is now fully implemented, when you reveal it, it will cancel attacks and decrease the number of FF tokens on it
  • Player enchantment buffs were being applied to the Dancing Scimitar, this is no longer the case with any Autonomous equipment
  • When a Wizard uses Arcane Zap its casting cost is logged to both players chat window and the game now remembers that it was used
  • You now are prompted to pay upkeep costs (only) on revealed Creatures from Mordok’s Obelisk effect
  • Mana Drain effects no longer apply to non-creature attacks
  • The Plant subtype was added to Wall of Thorns
  • Discarding Harmonize now works without issue
  • You only pay Upkeep costs on face-up cards from Mordok’s Obelisk
  • Creatures that are Incapacitated can not initiate an attack
  • Defensive counter-enchantments no longer effect Damage Barriers
  • Fixed typo on Bridge Troll
  • Fixed Earth Elementals Quake Stomp attack
  • Tanglevine (DvN version) now gives the Restrained and Unmovable traits (was effecting attacks against Flying creatures)
May 23 – Yet another set of fixes!

  • Initiative Marker now flips like it is supposed to
  • Should resolve rare instance on the game stalling out after you load a deck and never get prompted to select a player color
  • Face-down damage barriers no longer trigger a counterstrike
  • Restrained/Incapacitated flying creatures can be attacked by non-flying melee
  • Non-melee attacks no longer remove guard tokens
  • Lair: Life stat is now correct
  • Circle of Light and Circle of Lightning now prompt to reveal at the proper time
  • Codex – Added a bit more about the Dazed condition and multiple attacks

There are still a couple of nagging issues that have yet to be resolved…….

May 20 – Last set of fixes

This should be the last update for a bit, we are starting work on the Domination release and hope to have it out to you soon after release. What is fixed this time around?

  • Binding should work properly now
  • You can flip Vine Markers again
  • Placing markers on game markers like the Dice Roll Area or Vine Markers is prevented (again)
  • Updated Card Data to the 4th Edition (Arena) card text
  • Resetting the Game should work much better now and not throw any errors

Something that I didn’t mention in previous releases: The  Dice Roll Area and Phase/Initiative Markers are effectively buttons when double click on the DRA it will roll the dice for you, and when you double click on the Phase/Initiative markers it will signal that your mage is done for the Phase which is the same as Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+Down.