Jan 22

Image Packs released plus a new Cardback!

No new product releases this month (not yet anyway), but the image packs for The Dunland Trap and Nightmare Khazad-dûm are now available. Furthermore, there have been some recent updates to OCTGN that now allow us to have proper cardback images for Encounter Cards! All Enemies, Locations, Treacheries, and Objectives have been given the Encounter cardback image. This change will be most noticeable when adding shadow cards.


Dec 27

The Antlered Crown

With the recent release of the Antlered Crown AP, the Ring-maker cycle reaches its conclusion! Censored cards have now been added to OCTGN, along with the Quest Deck and its Easy Mode version. As explained in the rulesheet insert, the Raven deck has been pre-constructed and put into the Secondary Encounter deck located in the Global Tab in game. These two piles start minimized, but you can click on the icons for the Secondary Encounter deck and its discard pile (their icons have a “2” over them) to expand those decks to full size. Just remember these two keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+E draws an Encounter Card
Ctrl+Shift+E draws a Secondary Encounter Card (Raven Deck)

Just remember to discard cards to their original deck. Regular Encounter cards can just be ‘deleted’ as normal to discard them, but the Dunlending Raiders and Warriors must be dragged to the Raven deck discard pile (simply hitting Delete will put them in the Encounter Discard pile, which is NOT where they belong).


Nov 24

Celebrimbor’s Secret

The race to the forge is on! This latest update adds support and the censored cards for Celebrimbor’s Secret — the 5th Adventure Pack in the Ring-maker cycle. Card text will be revealed in February, with the Image Pack to come in May of 2015. This release also brings the card text for The Three Trials and the Trouble in Tharbad AP’s.

Oct 28

Enter the Marshes

The The Nîn-in-Eilph was recently released by FFG, so go pick it up at your FLGS! The censored cards are now up on OCTGN as well, as are the normal and easy versions of the quest decks. This quest features 3 copies of Stage 2, and 3 copies of stage 3, so the random number generator will come in handy when you need to advance to a random stage!