Aug 24

Add your own images

If you were lucky enough to get a copy of The Stone of Erech from GenCon then you can add in your own scanned images and play it on OCTGN. Using the new drag-and-drop feature in the OCTGN deck editor, it is now easy to add your scanned images. Full instructions can be found in the Installation Guide.

In addition to The Stone of Erech, you can also play The Assault on Osgiliath or the new Fan made quest, Trouble with Trolls, by jrd. The images for Trouble with Trolls are included in the updated English version of Custom.o8c file.


Jul 27

Steward’s Fear, new FAQ and more custom quests

Version is now live.

Features include

  • The full card text for the Steward’s Fear set (As seen in the Deck Editor and on the proxy cards)
  • Updated card text for the 3 cards errata’d in the new FAQ
  • New custom quest – Chasing the Orc Raiders by Candacis
  • New custom quest – The War of the Last Alliance by mndela
  • Updated oc8 files (both English and Spanish) for the custom quests


Jul 09

Encounter at Amon Dîn

“Time is short. See! The beacons of Gondor are alight, calling for aid. War is kindled. See, there is the fire on Amon Dîn.”
–Gandalf, The Return of the King

A censored version of Encounter at Amon Dîn, the third Adventure Pack in the Against the Shadow Cycle, is now available to play on OCTGN.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game on OCTGN



The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative game for 1-4 players made by Fantasy Flight Games.

The dark shadow creeps across the land, engulfing Middle-earth in harrowing despair. Not a single hero stands a chance against the terrible might of Sauron. Now the time has come for union. Only together can the heroes of Middle-earth hope to prevail in the coming war against the gathering darkness.

This site is the home to the LOTR game definition for the Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN). Here you can find updates, release schedules, card packs, installation instructions, and guides to playing the game.