Download OCTGN
You can download the latest release of OCTGN software here.
Once installed it will automatically check for updates and install them when you load the program.

Install The Lord of the Rings game definition
The first thing you’ll need to do is add a game feed. This tells OCTGN where the latest versions of various supported games can be found, including the Lord of the Rings. If you have already added this feed to OCGTN when installing other games you can skip this stage.
Within the Game Manager tab there is an “Add Game Feed” button, press this. You can call the feed anything you like – “OCTGN Game Directory” is as good as anything.
The URL you need to enter for the feed name is

Once the feed is added, selecting it from the Drop-down menu will show a list of games you can install.
Click on the LotR game entry and then press the install button. That’s it, simple!

The image files for the cards are an optional download. If you don’t install these o8c files, the game will create really cool proxy cards for you containing everything you need to play. The most recent sets are censored, i.e. they don’t contain all the card text. These are updated with the full card text when the cards have been out for 3 months and the o8c file with the card images will be made available after 6 months.

All the quest decks are built into the game and will be installed into your “OCTGN/Deck/Lord of the Rings – The Card Game” folder when you install the game. You can create your own player decks (.o8d) using the built in Deck Editor. There are 2 versions of all the official quest decks, normal and easy. These decks are separated into different sub-folders.

Card Image Packs
All the card image files can be found on the Image Pack page.

Install Card Images
So you have downloaded all the files you need. Open up OCTGN and select the “Games Manager” tab.
Press the “Add Image Packs” button and browse to your downloaded o8c files. You can select all the o8c files in one go or add them individually.

Adding in your own scanned images
With the utmost respect to FFG, we delay the release of Card Image Packs until 6 months after an expansion is released. However, if you own the physical set of cards, it is now very easy to add those images into the game for yourself.

1) Scan and crop your cards into your computer.

2) Resize the card images to be roughly 600px high, and save them as a .png or .jpg (600px wide instead for quest cards).

3) Open up the Deck Editor within OCTGN, and navigate to the expansion pack you wish to replace the images in. You’ll see the generated Proxy Card images in the preview window. One by one, drag your scanned image from Windows Explorer onto the Preview image of the card you wish to replace. Any card that is double-sided (such as Quest cards) will have left and right arrows in the preview window in order to view the other side of the card. Be sure to replace these back sides as well.

4) Enjoy your game with your new images!

When I load a quest deck the cards end up in the discard pile …. what am I doing wrong?
You are loading in an older version of the quest deck (from OCTGN 3.0). Delete the old quest decks in your OCTGN/Decks folder and load in the ones from the OCTGN/Decks/Lord of the Rings – The Card Game folder.

30 thoughts on “Installation

  1. Just an FYI to explain a beginners mistake.

    I just downlowded OCTGN. I thought that I had to use the Deck Editor to create an Encounter Deck and a Quest Deck just has I had done to create a viable player deck. I didn’t realize that the Encounter Decks were included in the Quest Deck. In fact I didn’t know the Quest Deck existed.

    I see that statement now but you may consider trying to emphasize more strongly that the Quest Decks contain the appropriate Encounter Decks and are located In the file “Lord of the Rings – The Card Game” under the Load Game option.

    Just a suggestion from an easily confused beginner.

    • I’m not sure why this is happening for you. Is it all the o8c files or just one?
      Have you tried to re-download it/them? I’ve only heard of this error when the o8c file was not correctly downloaded.

  2. i was getting the “not a valid o8c file. It was because i was right clicking “save as” in drop box. instead, i selected the file name, and then selected the ‘download’ button.

  3. Hi there! Excellent guide =)

    I have a problem though, when I import the O8C files (the image pack) and look at the cards in (for example) the deck editor, the pictures are not showing up. I see the border of the card and the text, but not image. Do you have any idea if I’m doing something wrong?

    • Thanks ….

      Its not obvious what’s going wrong. It sounds like you are still seeing the proxy images which means that the image packs are not installing.
      Assuming you are using the “Add image packs” button in the Games Manager section … can I ask if you get the confirmation pop up box saying that the image pack installed correctly?

      • Hi Memetix,

        Thanks for the quick reply! I figured out what the problem was; I was selecting cards that I hadn’t yet imported. I didn’t see that ALL the cards (whether or not you actually imported them or not) are showing up in the Deck Editor.

        Anyway, it’s solved now. Thanks again for the excellent guide 🙂

    • I’ve not heard about this problem before…..
      Can I check – are you saying that the OCTGN install is hanging or are you saying that OCTGN is up to date but when running up it is hanging when updating the LotR game from the feed?

    • I’m also experiencing this, toady. Fresh install of OCTGN takes forever to install lotr lcg; the bar just keeps moving, and I can switch tab and all, but half an hour of installing doesn’t seem to get things done.

  4. hey,
    Im trying to make custom o8c files, but im stuck with making the 08c files…
    Ive made my own quest and heroes, they are in JPG.
    I’ve tried using another custom 08c file and replacing the cards with mine (changing my card’s names to the names in that file and replacing them), but had no luck so far
    Thanks in advance

      • Happy to help… though I’ll need a bit more information to pin-point what the problem is. It sounds like you’re creating a brand new custom quest and custom cards, yes?
        If so, then I’m assuming you’ve read through the Developer Guide page on this site and followed it? Meaning, you’ve created your own Set folder with a unique GUID, and created a set.xml file with all your custom cards, again each with their own GUIDs? Then make sure the filenames of each of your card images match the respective GUID of each card in the set.xml file.

        Now, if you try to modify an existing .o8c file, the structure looks like this:

        You must change the {Set_GUID} to match your own custom Set. Delete all the existing card images within the \Cards\ folder, then add in your new card images.

        Hope that helps!

    • Is this feed still down for you? I haven’t seen this problem before… If you can’t get it working I would probably seek help on the main OCTGN page, or in their IRC channel, or perhaps in the Chat window in OCTGN — as this is an issue that is beyond the scope of LOTR.

  5. Dropbox links to decks don’t seem to work at the moment, I get the error:
    Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    Any idea how long the temporary disable is ? when should I try again 🙂

  6. I’m having trouble downloading the card image packs. When I click on one of the links, it loads the page for a long time and then show a page saying it took too long to load the page or that it’s unavailable. Is there a problem with the site/links, or is it a problem on my end? Thanks.

  7. I can’t get OCTGN to start. When I click Start in the Start A Game dialog box, nothing happens. I’ve followed your video tutorial step by step, but when I click Start, nothing.

  8. I only want to play with FFG material. Is there a way to remove the custom content besides creating a filter that excludes each custom scenario individually?

  9. Hey,
    I have a question.
    I’ve loaded new image pack, but when I hover over the card – I can see 2 images. One of them is proxy card and the other one is an image what I’ve downloaded.
    What should I do to leave only one image?

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