Image Packs

Once you’ve installed the LOTR Module, OCTGN will automatically generate card images as needed using the card data. These ‘proxy’ images are perfectly playable right out of the box, albeit they won’t have any of the beautiful artwork that this game is known for.

This is where Image Packs come in.  These .o8c files contain scanned images of every card. They are organized by Expansion / Adventure Pack, so every physical release from FFG will eventually have a .o8c counterpart of card images (though separate Adventure Packs will eventually be combined into a single Cycle pack for easy downloading). With respect to FFG, there will be a 6-month delay between when a product is released and when its corresponding Image Pack will become available.

Image Packs must be installed manually within OCTGN. To do this, download the desired packs, then load up OCTGN. Go to the Games Manager tab, then click on the Add Image Packs button. Browse to your downloaded packs, select them and hit OK. You will need to repeat this process any time you download a new Image Pack. And now, onto the packs themselves!

Expansions and Adventure Packs

  • Khazad-dûm
  • Dwarrowdelf Cycle
    • The Redhorn Gate
    • Road to Rivendell
    • The Watcher in the Water
    • The Long Dark
    • Foundations of Stone
    • Shadow and Flame

Saga Expansions


Nightmare Packs

  • Core Set
  • Shadows of Mirkwood
    • The Hunt for Gollum
    • Conflict at the Carrock
    • A Journey to Rhosgobel
    • The Hills of Emyn Muil
    • The Dead Marshes
    • Return to Mirkwood
  • Khazad-dûm
  • Dwarrowdelf
    • The Redhorn Gate
    • Road to Rivendell
    • The Watcher in the Water
    • The Long Dark
    • Foundations of Stone
    • Shadow and Flame
  • The Lost Realm
  • Angmar Awakened
      • The Wastes of Eriador
      • Escape from Mount Gram
      • Across the Ettenmoors
      • The Treachery of Rhudaur
      • The Battle of Carn Dum
      • The Dread Realm

Extra Content

  • Custom Image Pack
    • The Culling at the Barrow Downs
    • The Bandits of Chetwood North
    • Into Fangorn
    • Buried Alive
    • Four Seasons
    • The Old Forest
    • The Blue Wizard
    • NinjaDorg’s Quests
    • War of the Last Alliance
    • Chasing the Orc Raiders
    • Trouble with Trolls
    • Orc Hunting
    • First Age Expansion
    • Through the Folds
    • Rise of Orthanc
    • Trial Upon the Marches
    • Dark Corners of Middle-earth
    • Among the Outlaws

88 thoughts on “Image Packs

  1. Great work on this, it really makes playing lotr lcg with friends much easier.

    When are proxies for Celebrimbors secret going up? I have my cards scanned and ready 🙂

  2. Hey guys, sorry for the broken link to the Spanish Image Packs — but they now have their own page! In the top menu, hover over the Image Packs link to see the Spanish Image Packs appear below it!

  3. Sorry,but in Khazad-dûm expansion,on spanigh images,there is not Veteran of Nanduhirion card 🙁 .The same thing in some expansions 🙁
    Please,can anyboy up or send to me??in spanish,of course 🙂
    Thanks a lot

  4. Is there a tutorial out there somewhere to create the image packs using our own scanned images? Having trouble figuring out how to build the o8c file from scratch. Thanks

  5. I’m having trouble downloading the card image packs. When I click on one of the links, it loads the page for a long time and then show a page saying it took too long to load the page or that it’s unavailable. Is there a problem with the site/links, or is it a problem on my end? Thanks.

  6. Thank you for all the work you put in here. Will we see a Grey Havens pack tomorrow? The 6 months moratorium should be up by then.

  7. Thanks for continuing to post new scans, unfortunately in Brazil, this game has been discontinued. Just over here, I can see how wonderful he has become … Thanks for continuing to support people who do not have access to this fantastic game.

  8. Hi!
    I’m currently scanning my whole collection of cards in french. I will be finished in a couple of days. I’m almost finished. I’m quite pleased with the quality.

    Would it be possible to create a “French” page and put my files there? If yes, where should I host them so I can be able to do the maintenance?

    Maybe we can discuss by e-mail rather than through this comment section…

    • Please disregard. I’m new to OCTGN and see there is a 6 month delay from release to OCTGN support. I was too eager to make my mount of fire deck in the program! I’m happy to wait to support FFG for this awesome game.

  9. Hi ! 😀
    I would like to know if there’s an option to just get rid of all things ”CUSTOM SET” related in Octgn ?

    Thanks !

    Best Regards


  10. some prediction of loading of fire in the night images and other subsequent adventures? Images can be obtained.

  11. Any news on when the next image packs will be up? Fire in the Night was released last year in August, so it’s been over a year since it was released with respect to FFG.

  12. When I load up quests in OCTGN, I don’t see the Wilds of Rhovanion quests, even after installing the image pack. What gives?

  13. Also, the Drowned Ruins Grotto deck doesn’t work, because the cards aren’t double-sided, so they can’t be flipped to their underwater side. Someone needs to fix that. For now I’m just going to use the physical cards.

  14. Mike you are Awesome! As the old saying goes, the reward for a job well done is another job. Are you going to hook us up again with City of Ulfast? Thanks in advance.

    • The City of Ulfast set hasn’t been added yet to OCTGN. I wait for the set.xml file to be created then copy the GUID names for the cards over to my image files. I can upload the card scans right now if you like but you’ll have to do all the rest which means create the set.xml file using the instructions found at the top under “Developers Guide”.

  15. mike! thanks again! we know that you do what you can in the time you have.

    I came here again just to thank you for your wonderful work.

  16. a couple mistakes with the recent update for Ulfast. The contract is not double sided and your missing one of the quest cards. quest card 3 A-B Drawing Attention is missing.

  17. Yeah, thank you for wonderful work, I bought all cards in real life, but mostly people have no time to play here in real life, so this is really only option to play it online…even digital version of LOTR was canceled by developer…pitty 🙁

  18. Here’s Ulfast. Instead of extracting to the other place, extract this file to here…


    When ask to overwrite click “yes to all.” This fixes the mistakes made in the xml file and adds The City of Ulfast encounter deck.

  19. Hi, GeckoTH. Could you please add Feonix’s latest custom scenarios: Raid on the River Carnen / The Fall of Dale into the pack? Thanks!

  20. sorry if I’m being repetitive, but I didn’t understand the questions about “Challenge of the Wainriders”. I loaded the file and an error message appeared. But for me the quest seems correct. You only need to assemble the circuit according to the instruction that can be found here:

    I don’t know if by chance I didn’t understand something

    and, mike !!
    thank you very much for the excellent work you do …

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