If you have any feature requests or find any bugs in the lord of the rings implementation on OCTGN then post your comments here

If the bug is with the OCTGN program itself (rather than specific to the Lord of the Rings implementation) then you can raise a bug report on github.

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  1. Hi, how do I see, in Lotr lcg, the event discard pile? the “passage through mirkwood” 3b quest card asks me to search the discard pile for 1 spider card, how do I do that?
    thank you.

    • The Encounter deck and the encounter discard pile are in the Global tab (as opposed to the player tabs that are named according to your user name)

  2. My player deck loads just fine, but when attempting to load an encounter deck, it is loading into those cards into the discard pile. I have the enemy, treachery, and location cards in the Encounter section, and the 4 quest cards for Passage of Mirkwood in the Quest section. I have even tried removing the quest deck cards and leaving only the encounter deck cards, but they still load into the discard pile.

    What am I doing wrong?


    • It would appear you have recently updated from version 3.0.x.x of OCTGN. The encounter decks have moved to the OCTGN/Decks/Lord of the Rings – The Card Game folder.
      If you remove the Quest decks from OCTGN/Decks (leave your player decks in place) and make sure you load the decks from the new folder you’ll be fine.

      • I downloaded OCTGN last night and attempted to use the LOTR plugin. I had the same problem as person above however I did find the folder with the quests in it. When I tried to load the quest deck it did the same thing and put all the cards in my discard pile. Do I need to use the “Load Deck” option under the file menu to load the quest deck or is there another way?

        • It sounds like you are doing the right thing Branden so I’m not sure why this is happening. All the quest decks (Quest-*, Easy-*, CustomQuest-* and Nightmare-*) should have the keyword shared=”True” towards the end of line 2 of the o8d file. If this is not there then OCTGN does not know to load the deck into the Global area and instead assumes it is a player deck and places the non-player cards into the discard pile. It might be worth looking at a quest deck file in a text editor and check to see if it contains the shared=”True” instruction. If not then you are either looking in the wrong folder or your installation of Lord of the Rings did not fully complete. This can sometimes happen if files were in use at the time of the installation.
          I’d advise uninstalling LotR, restarting OCTGN and then installing LotR ( is the current release). Then check in your “My Documents/OCTGN/Decks/Lord of the Rings – The Card Game” folder.

          You do use the same load function (shortcut Ctrl+L) to load both a player deck and a quest deck.

  3. Can someone double check whether they also have a problem with Arwen Undomiel? In my deck editor one of her instances shows up as core set rather than The Redhorn Gate and the artwork is something from Mage Wars.

  4. Is there a way to put a card to the bottom of the Encounter Deck? I can’t see it as a right-click option of the card or deck.

    Great program – keep up the good work!

    • When you drag a card to the discard pile you will see an arrow pointing down if you move to the bottom of the discard pile, if you release here, the card goes to the bottom of the deck!

  5. With the most recent update, when I log in to play a solo game a screen pops up telling me the program is waiting for player “Global” and the only option is to quit. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Yes you can, though I’ll be the first to admit it’s not the most elegant solution. You’ll need to run two instances of OCTGN and connect to your own game. Here’s a walkthrough:

      Open up OCTGN, click to start a new game, and check Host On My Computer, then click Start. You’ll now be in the PreGame Lobby.
      Now open up OCTGN again, and it should prompt you that another instance is already running, click NO to prevent it from closing.
      (Note: if nothing happens when trying to load OCTGN a 2nd time, you’ll need to do one more step. Go to MyDocuments\OCTGN\ then copy and paste the OCTGN folder in the same spot, you can name it OCTGN 2 or whatever. Then go into that OCTGN 2 folder, and run OCTGN.exe. You should now receive the prompt about another instance already running.)

      Now, in the 2nd instance, click Join Offline Game. In the IP Address field, you can just type “localhost”, then copy the Port number that’s listed in the PreGame Lobby, chose to play LOTR, then click Connect. You should now have 2 players in the Lobby.

      In the 1st instance of OCTGN, click Start. You’ll now have two windows running the same game. You can now play the game normally, while managing each player’s hand from the two OCTGN windows. EIther Alt-Tab to switch between them, or if you’ve got 2 monitors, put them to use! 🙂

      Good luck.

      • It doesn´t work – it writes “Could not connect: can´t create no join, because target computer actively refused it.” But isn´t mine IP.

  6. Hello,
    I am the author of DeckBuilder Windows applications for CoC and LOTR LCG. Some people asked for the addition of the OCTGN format to the export function of the LOTR LCG version (it already exists for CoC). I would be pleased to satisfy them, but I need a list of the player cards’ GUIDs used to generate OCTGN deck files compatible with your plugin.
    Please, could you contact me on my email to discuss this ?
    Best regards

  7. The image sets have a range of card sizes and varying quality. Is there something we can do to fix this and get them all to the same level of quality? Where are the images sourced from? Thanks!

    • You are right – the image quality does differ.
      The older sets were created before I came on board so I cannot comment on where they originated.
      The newer set images use the card images from – these are scanned at a resolution agreed with FFG.

      There are a few quest cards that are half size (due to the way cardgamedb presents them). I’d be happy to see these updated if you have better quality images.

  8. With the recent reconnection ability coded into OCTGN, we are having issues in our multiplayer games of actually having a reconnected player re-take control of their cards. Is this an OCTGN issue or something that needs to be coded into the LoTR:LCG interface? We tried taking control of their cards and then assigning them control back, but it never worked.

  9. Hi Memetix,

    Last night when playing 2p multiplayer, we noticed that the non-host player could not see cards that get “flipped” – they still appear to be facedown until he moused over it – which caused the expanded card image to appear like it normally does when you mouse over a card — BUT the card in the play area remained “facedown” for him, although it was “faceup” for me (the host). This was working correctly before, but I think something must have got tweaked with the latest changes. Thanks as always for your work on this project!!

  10. I’ve been finding the reconnect feature to be a bit spotty. I live in an area which sometimes has flaky internet, so sometimes when it lags it comes back fine, and sometimes a brief drop of about a millisecond means the game dies completely. Is there perhaps a way to improve this, or add a manual “ping” type of feature, so it would be possible to let the server know to try to reconnect things? Thanks for your help.

    • I have seem similar behaviour myself, however the disconnect/reconnect code is built into OCTGN and not a function of my LotR game implementation.
      Your best bet is to pass your feedback onto the developers. You can create a bug report on github or use the feedback options on the OCTGN site

  11. The “Game Documents > Keywords” text file is missing the “Sentinel” keyword explanation.

    I wish you could make your created “done” button(the big round green checkmark) not visible to the other player, since the one he makes looks just like yours. Yes, I know, easy to remember which one yours is, but if its easy to do, I’d rather not see it at all, since I play two-handed and thus have four of them visible on my monitor at once, which can be confusing. Don’t take that as a complaint; This implementation is awesome.

    • I will ensure that the definition for Sentinel is added into the next release.
      The Done buttons are actually “cards” on the table, just like any other card they are visible to all players so there is nothing I can do to make them invisible to other players I am afraid.

  12. Sometimes when I´m playing game and I want to load deck, I click on the game menu and I don´t see menu under that. After that happens to me, I can´t open no other menus and if I right-click on any card, I don´t see nothing too. But if I open the game menu and I click on place where have to be e.g. Load Deck, then it works. Problem is mostly at cards – I don´t remember where are all options like shuffle or look at top X cards and I don´t want to learn it all the time.

    So what am I supposed to do?

    • Sorry to hear you are having problems. They sound like issues with OCTGN itself, rather than this particular game implementation.
      You might be able to get some help in the OCTGN chat room.

  13. When playing multiplayer the game freezes and crashes after about 30 minutes of play, every time. I don’t have a single problem playing single player.

    • Unfortunately this sounds more like an OCTGN issue rather than a LotR one. Has this happened to you on any other game in OCTGN? It might be worth asking the OCTGN devs in OCTGN chat or on their IRC channel.

  14. Hi @ memetix or gecko: The decks of Black Riders are not constructed correctly. In Quests 1+2 there are missing the 3 cards “Lure of the Ring”. You might change that!

    • I just checked the normal, campaign version, and easy version of each of those quests, and all of them had 3 copies of Lure of the Ring. I’m not sure why your decks wouldn’t have them included, unless you’re somehow loading up the wrong deck. They should be located in:
      OCTGN\Decks\Lord of the RIngs – The Card Game\Quests\Quest-034-A-Shadow-of-the-Past.o8d

      If for some reason your decks are still incorrect, I might suggest re-installing LOTR. In the Game Feed, uninstall LOTR, quit OCTGN, navigate to the OCTG\Decks directory and delete the LOTR folder there (be sure to keep any of your personal decks). Then boot up OCTGN again and install LOTR. That should hopefully ensure you’ve got all the proper quest decks.

      Hope that helps!

      • You know Gecko what I realized now? I accidently switched my german images of “Lure of the Ring” and “Weight of the Ring”. As a result when the game showed me Weight of the Ring it wanted to show me Lure of the Ring.
        Sry for confusion. I already flagged some mistakes in the early Easy Mode quest versions when it came out to memetix (which he corrected afterwards), so I thought it might be another one. My bad.
        German Greetings and congrats to your incredible effort for the community.

  15. Thank you so much for converting the images to one size and JPGs! I’m sorta OCD about that kinda stuff and wanted to do that myself, if only I could build up the willpower and time to fix that many images.

  16. This is kind of insignificant but, The Fall of Gil-Galad (from The Dunland Trap) appears labelled as an event when it is an attachment (which might be a little bit annoying when deckbuilding). Apart from that, I love OCGTN, and waiting for Celebrimbor’s Secret!

    Thanks for your hard work!

  17. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for all the work you put into maintaining the LOTR LCG on OCTGN. One question. Is it possible for you to change the “Set” search feature in the deck builder to typing bar like the “sphere” search feature. I ask as there are MANY custom cards which are wonderful and I enjoy playig but I’d wish exclude from my search when deck building for legal decks. At the minute you have to exclude each custom set individually. If i could exclude the word custom from the sets as you can “Baggins” from spheres it would improve matters no end.

    Thanks you!

  18. Hello!

    First I want to thank you for your time to allow us all to enjoy LOTR LCG even more. I find it invaluable to be able to try decks and enjoy some casual games when distance prevents meeting face to face.

    I was wondering… is there a possibility of using octgn to somehow “program” the cards in order to automate the game a bit more?
    Sometimes there are so many card effects acting at the same time, that you forget about them, which can become a bit frustrating once you realize… It would also help that the rules be somehow coded, such that illegal moves are not allowed to play (I find this very useful mainly when learning).

    I remember having played Yu-Gi-Oh in the past, and a software called YGOPRO would handle automatically all effects and allow cards to be programmed.

    Would octgn be able to do a similar job (not sure how much effort that would be) or would this require programming from scratch?

    Thank you!

  19. Hi, thanks for your support! Memetix and me briefly discussed programming card effects back in the day, but quickly realized that the complexity and sheer amount of work it would take to program everything would not be worth it — especially with each new release adding more ‘wrinkles’ to how the game works. And programming a small handful of cards and card effects would become a slippery slope. Also, if we were to program ‘some’ cards, it would be very confusing for users since they would be unsure of what effects are automated and what aren’t.

    So, we decided that we would simply automate Set-up and Turn Sequence, and leave it at that.

    • Thank you for the answer, Tom.

      I guess it makes sense. It would be a continuous effort to try and keep up to date, and I agree, that only having some programmed would be confusing…

  20. i think (due to the time of) my post it might have gine under the radar…

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for all the work you put into maintaining the LOTR LCG on OCTGN. One question. Is it possible for you to change the “Set” search feature in the deck builder to typing bar like the “sphere” search feature? I ask as there are MANY custom cards which are wonderful and I enjoy playig but I’d wish exclude from my search when deck building for legal decks. At the minute you have to exclude each custom set individually. If i could exclude the word custom from the sets as you can “Baggins” from spheres it would improve matters no end.

    Thanks you!

    PS – Alternatively could there be a catch-all set that simply includes ALL custom content so it’s easier to whittle it all away?

  21. Hello

    Thank you for the amazing octgn module.
    I do have a function request, is it possible to add a side deck tab in the deck editor in the same way that there is a special tab in global.
    that way i don’t have to reopen the deck editor and look for cards if I failed a quest and what to change my deck slightly. it could also be usefull for a campaign to add cards from the campaign pool there.
    seeing as you recently added a side quest tab I assume it doesn’t pose too much of a challenge.

    and secondly I noticed that Henneth Annun Guard is wrongly tagged with the Ranger. trait while he should have the warrior trait. (this just annoys me while searching the card pool)

    also as Qwaz wrote a remove “custom set” function would be amazing, same way that Hall of beorn has an official tag with his card search.

    Kind regards

    PS, where do you get the images for your image packs?
    each time I add images they are smaller that yours.

  22. Thanks for the feedback!
    I’ve gone ahead and added a Sideboard feature, and a way to easily filter out Custom Cards. Check out the latest post on the front page for details!

    Regarding my Image Packs: I actually scan in all the cards myself and create my own Image Packs from scratch. I’ve gone through great lengths to make sure every card image in the game is the same size. If you have different sized card images in game, be sure to re-download all my Image Packs to get consistency! 🙂

    • I will download all your card packs, the quality of card scan is insane.
      that being said, I can’t wait six months and it sucks if I have the cards laying here and can’t use them in octgn, I create my own to use during the 6 month censorship.

  23. Thanks for all your hard work. If you are ever in East TN, I owe you a drink or three. I would have given up on the game due to lack of people to play with if not for OCTGN. Your hard work keeps me buying packs from FFG.

    Any estimate on when Ettenmoors and Rhudaur might be making an appearance online?

      • Lol – for some reason my browser had cached the page. When I posted, it made the update appear.

        Tried to comment again, but it’s getting eaten by the spam filter

  24. I can’t seem to download Treachery of Rhudaur or Carn Dum. My computer keeps saying windows doesn’t recognize the file. What am I doing wrong?

  25. Hello! Thank you so much for the AWESOME module! It is really appreciated. Thanks to you I can play with my friends back in my country 🙂

    I am curious why there are no image packs for the Grey Havens or the last cycle. I have seen them played on youtube channels, but I don’t seem to find them.

    Thanks again for all the work!!!

  26. Hi. First, thanks for the truly excellent module.

    I’m not sure if this is a problem with OCTGN or the LOTR module, so if this isn’t you’re wheelhouse please correct me.

    My problem is that I can’t seem to shuffle a deck. Whenever I do, I get the following error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 1, in
    File “C:\Users\[NAME]\Documents\Octgn\GameDatabase\a21af4e8-be4b-4cda-a6b6-534f9717391f\scripts\”, line 1644, in shuffle
    TypeError: len() of unsized object

    result = shuffle(Card(65584))

    Since the py file is in the game definition, I assumed it was an lotr specific problem (I don’t actually play anything else on OCTGN). Should I redirect this to the OCTGN general bug reports?

    Thanks again,

  27. Hello and CONGRATULATION on this amazing that has given us the opportunity to play the game easily on pc but also check how new cards would work on the missions. I do have a tiny question though: there are cases that a 2nd active location is added. Is there anyway to create a command when right-clicking in order to add the location to a 2nd active location spot??

    Thank you in advance for your time and effort.


  28. Hi .. you did a great job with your octgn lotr lcg implementation. Some thoughts of mine:
    – Better handling for “Ranger of the North”-Playercard. This card has a encountercard-back and gets shuffled into the encounter deck. So if i discard this card it has to go to the encounter discard pile. Now it goes to the player discard pile. Same by using “shuffle into deck” .. i gets shuffled into the player deck. Please can you fix this?
    – Tokens .. great that you can add a number of differend Stat-Tokens. Perhaps you can include a way, that the tokens can have a negative number (like -2 DEF from the Rivendell Blade)
    – Trait-/Keyword-Gains .. Ally-Arwen gives a character the sentinel-keyword .. are there possibilities to make this visible via octgn?`

    Greetings from Kiel, Germany.

  29. I’m trying to use the game’s Phase Automation, but it gets stuck on the Planning phase and won’t continue. I tried reinstalling everything, even deleted the OCTGN folder and reinstalling, but nothing seems to work. There is no error message in the console either. Any help would be appreciated.

  30. When trying to look for specific card in the encounter deck, I get the following error message:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 1, in
    TypeError: lookAtAllEncounterDeck() takes at most 2 arguments (3 given)

    result = lookAtAllEncounterDeck(table, -321.186, -159.880)

    Any idea? I tried reinstalling.

  31. The problems accours at all “lookat”-functions if you call them via context menu.
    If you use the shortcuts, the function works just fine.

  32. What is this new custom scenario Siege of Erebor? I cannot find any info about it anywhere… Will there be an OCTGN set to download?

  33. Using version

    I am running the quest, “Battle of the Five Armies” which has a treachery card in the encounter deck that instructs the player to search the encounter deck and the encounter deck discard for an enemy and put that enemy in play. But, when I use the “Look At” command for the All Encounter Deck I keep getting the error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 1, in
    File “C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Octgn\GameDatabase\a21af4e8-be4b-4cda-a6b6-534f9717391f\scripts\”, line 1666, in lookAtAllEncounterDeck
    NameError: global name ‘count’ is not defined

    result = lookAtAllEncounterDeck(table, 184.729, 11.695)

    And, if I try using the Ctrl-Shift-A shortcut, I get the error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 1, in
    File “C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Octgn\GameDatabase\a21af4e8-be4b-4cda-a6b6-534f9717391f\scripts\”, line 1666, in lookAtAllEncounterDeck
    NameError: global name ‘count’ is not defined


    Using the “Look At” command or shortcut for the All Encounter Deck Discard works perfectly.

    Thanks for any assistance!

  34. Hi guys, I’d like to say thanks for all your hard work maintaining Lord of the Rings on OCTGN. are there any plans to make the most recent nightmare scenarios available, up to and including The Dream Realm?

  35. Hi!
    I’m currently scanning my whole collection of cards in french. I will be finished in 2 weeks maximum I think. I already have o8c for the whole yet published Saga expansions, the Deluxe Sands of Harad and the yet published 7th cycle. I’m going backward. I’m quite pleased with the quality.

    Would it be possible to create a “French” page and put my files there? If yes, where should I host them so I can be able to do the maintenance?

    Maybe we can discuss by e-mail rather than through this comment section…

  36. I have been having some issues refreshing or starting a new round. Sometimes the turn counter does not progress or move to the next player, some of the cards don’t automatically flip back upright. Is this a known glitch? Or am I the only one experiencing this?

  37. I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years now. Never had major problems until now and I’m at a loss having 2 issues I can’t seem to fix. I’ve not changed anything with my hard ware. Computer is the same, internet connection, etc…

    1. When I try to play LoTR I get mini split second disconnects (I get the related message in the log/chat) repeatedly, almost immediately after starting a game. Makes it impossible to play with anyone.

    2. Trying to resolve the above issue I did a full clean install of octgn. Installed LoTR (apparently you don’t have to add a feed anymore as the game is included already). Seems to be working normally (except for the above issue) only thing is none of the quest decks are not included at all-there is nothing in the deck folder.

    I’ve checked everything I can think of. Anti-virus, firewall, etc…

  38. Helm’s Deep quest from Treason of Saruman has a card called Poisoned Counsels. Currently it has a encounter card back when it should have a player card back since it acts as a player card and is shuffled into the player deck.

  39. Playing online as of yesterday when loading a player deck the heroes do not automatically get added to the table, initial hand of 6 cards does not auto-draw, and the deck is in the discard pile. Both myself and other player had same problem. Deck and cards can be manipulated (dragged, put on table, etc), however the other player does not see the other’s cards on the table, only their own cards. Everything was working two days prior. Tried reverting octgn to previous versions–same problem. Made sure octgn was not blocked by firewall.

    This problem does not exist when not logged in and playing locally–the cards load properly.

  40. what is the forecast to make the fire in the night images available.

    and how do I contribute to the images of cards I have?

  41. Discovered an error on Thror’s Key. It had an Encounter card back. I was able to modify the .xml file containing its description to resolve the problem. Problem persisted through uninstalling game files.


    Searched the file for the text “Thror’s Key” and removed the tag “size=”EncounterCard””

    Hope this will help someone!

  42. Thank you for a great job!
    As a subscriber I’d like to ask for a nightmare packs with full cards (Dwarr and others cyckle, Saga). Are there any plans to make it available?

  43. Hello! I found a mistake in the last released extension Wrath and Ruin. The Burglar Contract has only one face.
    Thanks for the work!

  44. Hey guys I just finished my first game of Lotr lcg on octgn, I won the scenario and added the progress to the last quest. But nothing happened. I read somewhere that it keeps track of your score. But I can’t find how to end the game and upload your score or if they do that.

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