Feb 13

The Grey Havens has reached port

The Grey Havens are finally upon us! Grab your heroes and set sail on the high seas. This Deluxe Expansion brings with it some highly anticipated new mechanics for sailing, which involve keeping your ship on the proper heading in order to reach your destination.

The following Image Packs are now available as well:

Apr 05

The Lost Realm has been unleashed!

The Lost Realm is finally here! Join forces with the Rangers of the North to help fight against the forces of Angmar. This release includes the censored cards for the whole expansion, as well as normal and easy-mode versions of each of the 3 quests. The Image Pack is slated to drop in October later this year.

This deluxe expansion introduces a new card type: Side Quests. These Side Quests come in two flavors: Encounter Side Quests and Player Side Quests. Encounter Side Quests are already built into the Encounter Deck when you load the deck. Player Side Quests can now be added to your own deck in the Deckbuilder, and even have their own section to be placed in.

Note: There is currently a bug that you may notice when a Side Quest is dealt as a shadow card. The image of the facedown shadow card will be stretched and oriented vertically. I am working on a fix for this.

This expansion also brings us player ‘encounter’ cards in the form of the event card Ranger Summons, and its counterpart: Ranger of the North. When including copies of Ranger Summons in your deck, just make sure to include an equal number of Ranger of North cards as well. When you load the deck, all copies of Ranger of the North will be automatically set aside on the table!