Jul 04

The Wastes of Eriador

The first adventure pack from the Angmar Awakened cycle has been released! Join Amarthiúl as you race across the Eriador Wilds in pursuit of the captured ranger Iârion. During the journey, you’ll be hunted by Wargs at night, so you’d best make as much progress as possible during the day.

The Spanish Image packs for the Ring-maker Cycle are now available as well.

May 21

More Custom Cards

Hot on the heels of the previous update, I’ve got some more custom content to bring your way. First off, BGG user “Truelolzor” shares with us a set of player cards entitled Dark Corners of Middle-earth (click the link to see his BGG thread with previews!). As he explains, “This expansion focuses mainly on bringing to life a combination of Esgaroth and Craftsman traits, but still there is plenty of other stuff to go around. This expansion is combination of many of my different works throughout all this time.”

Secondly, user Vardaen returns to us with the 3rd Quest in his “Rise of Orthanc” campaign, entitled “Queer Folk About” (Click the link to see the Quest Sheet Rules Insert). You can also check out his BGG Thread for more information and preview images.

Make sure to re-download and re-install the Custom.o8c Image Pack in order to see these beautiful custom cards!

And finally, speaking of Image Packs, Celebrimbor’s Secret is now available for you to download as well!

May 20

Treason of Saruman & more!

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, The Treason of Saruman set was added to OCTGN a few weeks ago. This release brings with it 12 Scenario decks: 3 Normal Quests, 3 Campaign versions of the Quests, 3 Easy Mode Quests, and 3 Easy Mode Campaign Quests. The update I pushed out today also added Fellowship Aragorn to these decks, so you no longer need to include him in your Player Deck when playing these quests.

This release also brings with it a new feature:
a Sideboard for your deck!
In the Deck Editor, you’ll now see a “Sideboard” section underneath “Side Quests”. Feel free to put any cards here you like. When you load this deck in game, these cards will be placed into a new Sideboard pile on your Player Tab. It starts minimized, and its icon has an “S” on it. Clicking on this pile will maximize it, and you can look through this deck and pull cards in and out of it at your leisure.
Some ideas on how to use this new feature: Keep situational or more quest-specific cards in your Sideboard, so you can easily add them into your deck in-game. Or perhaps you might like to store your Campaign Cards in this pile for the Saga Expansions.

And finally, a quick update about the filters in the Deck Editor. Some of you have requested a way to filter out all Custom cards and only browse the official ones. Some of the suggestions included consolidating all Custom cards into one big ‘Custom Set’ (which I didn’t really want to do), or making the Set filter have a text box instead of a drop-down (which I cannot do due to an OCTGN limitation). So, I added the phrase “Custom Set – ” to the “Encounter Set” field on every custom card.

To filter out all Custom Cards:
-Add an Encounter Set filter
-Click the drop-down and select “Does Not Contain”
-Enter “Custom Set” into the text box.

Voila! You are now looking at only officially released cards!

Apr 05

The Lost Realm has been unleashed!

The Lost Realm is finally here! Join forces with the Rangers of the North to help fight against the forces of Angmar. This release includes the censored cards for the whole expansion, as well as normal and easy-mode versions of each of the 3 quests. The Image Pack is slated to drop in October later this year.

This deluxe expansion introduces a new card type: Side Quests. These Side Quests come in two flavors: Encounter Side Quests and Player Side Quests. Encounter Side Quests are already built into the Encounter Deck when you load the deck. Player Side Quests can now be added to your own deck in the Deckbuilder, and even have their own section to be placed in.

Note: There is currently a bug that you may notice when a Side Quest is dealt as a shadow card. The image of the facedown shadow card will be stretched and oriented vertically. I am working on a fix for this.

This expansion also brings us player ‘encounter’ cards in the form of the event card Ranger Summons, and its counterpart: Ranger of the North. When including copies of Ranger Summons in your deck, just make sure to include an equal number of Ranger of North cards as well. When you load the deck, all copies of Ranger of the North will be automatically set aside on the table!

Apr 01

The Nightmare has arrived

The Nightmare decks for Heirs of Numenor and all six Against the Shadow quests are now available!  Now you can play once more through the entire cycle, but this time the challenges are greater, the enemies are deadlier, and the treacheries run deeper than ever before…

This update also brings with it the latest quest from Ian Martin of Tales from the Cards. Following up on his epic First Age custom deluxe expansion, this new quest, Trial Upon the Marches, is the first AP in his Doom Mastered Cycle. Make sure to re-download and install the Custom.o8c Image Pack to get all the card images for this quest.

Speaking of Image Packs, the Nin-in-Eilph, the Road Darkens, and the Hobbit: On the Doorstep – Nightmare are now available. Get ’em while they’re hot!