The Grey Havens has reached port

The Grey Havens are finally upon us! Grab your heroes and set sail on the high seas. This Deluxe Expansion brings with it some highly anticipated new mechanics for sailing, which involve keeping your ship on the proper heading in order to reach your destination.

The following Image Packs are now available as well:

2 thoughts on “The Grey Havens has reached port

  1. Hello , I just install the expansion the Gray Havens , using the files available for this post , and most of the letters that only the title or attributes , but the texts or images do not appear , it would be a mistake of my OCTGN ? I appreciate the help, thanks

    • With respect to FFG and to avoid piracy, Image Packs are not made available to the public until 6 months after the product has been released. Check out the Image Packs or Release Notes page to see when future Image Packs will be released!

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