Aug 20

v3.0.10 game update — Vortex

Vortex is now available on OCTGN, and the promo set has been updated as well. Image downloads can be found in the usual location.

Note that this set introduces Vortex Evolution creatures, which require 2 creatures to evolve into.  The game scripting can already handle this functionality — simply shift-click the two creatures you wish to evolve and it will automatically place both of them underneath the Vortex creature.

May 24

Update to the 5 Mystics set

It was recently pointed out that there was a GUID mismatch in the 5 Mystic sets.  An updated version of the image pack has been uploaded to fix this issue.  If you do not download this new pack, a few cards from the 12MYS set will appear as proxies.

May 24

v3.0.9.0 Quest for the Gauntlet Update

Sorry for the wait, the cards were a pain to type up this time around! This update includes the new Quest for the Gauntlet set, and the sealed generator will take into account the new 14 card booster pack size.

There have also been some enhancements to the Evolution system in the game scripts, and all pre-evolved cards will align vertically above and behind the evolution creature. Banishing any pre-evolved creature will announce the Unleash ability in the chat box.

As usual, you can get the card image pack in the downloads tab, or go directly to them here: DOWNLOAD LINK