Kaijudo 3.0.7 Game Update

version 3.0.7 (the “Evolution Creature” update) includes the following updates:

  • Proxy images now handle the multi-civ cards.
  • Added “Move to Hand” (ctrl+B), “Move to Top of Deck” (ctrl+E) and “Move to Bottom of Deck” (ctrl+shift+E) for cards on the table.
  • Evolution creatures now properly supported. ¬†Shift-click to target the card you want to place the evolution creature on top of, then use the Play Card action on the evolution creature in your hand to play it.
  • The Card Alignment code will “hide” all evolved creatures underneath the evolution creature.
  • Using any game action to change or move an evolution creature to another zone (shield zone, mana zone, hand, deck, discard pile, etc) will automatically move all cards underneath it as well.

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