Kaijudo Game Update

A bunch of improvements to the quality of the game come in this update:

  • Fixed the names of a few incorrectly-named cards
  • Added all the pre-constructed decks.  You can find them in the default deck location, inside the Kaijudo folder.
  • All Shields now have a marker on them with an incrementing number.  This number can be used to track the potential identity of that shield (such as if a creature or mana card was turned into a shield).
  • Playing a new shield will show the shield’s number in the chat log.
  • Using the ‘Banish Card’ (del key) action on a creature or mana card in play will now properly banish it (instead of doing nothing like it did before).
  • Using the “Setup Battlezone” action will shuffle the deck before placing shields and drawing your hand.
  • Turning a mana card into a new shield will now rotate the card to the proper position (used to be upside-down).
  • Playing a spell card from your hand will move it to the discard pile instead of the battle zone.

2 thoughts on “Kaijudo Game Update

  1. I feel like an idiot, but I can’t figure out where to download this from! I’ve checked this site and can’t find any links labeled “download” or anything similar.

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