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If you have created a game plugin for OCTGN and would like it to be hosted here on the game feed, please send an email to .  Include a download link to the game plugin for review.

Please keep in mind that the games feed adheres to a higher standard of quality when it comes to the game plugins hosted here.  We have created a document outlining the general expectations for game plugin quality control.    If these conditions are not adequately met, then the game plugin may be rejected or disabled from the feed.  Below are the (not legally binding) terms and conditions: (click here for the most up-to-date version of the document)

(last updated Feb 15, 2015)

Game Developer,

Thank you for your interest in the OCTGN Game Directory at Before we can accept the game into the directory, there are some guidelines that you must agree to follow (note that this document may be updated in the future). If you accept these terms, then please send us a copy of the game definition package for review.

  • 10 MB size limit on the game definition. Automatic game updates should be fast for the user to install, especially if the game gets updates frequently.
  • No copyrighted card images in game package. The feed is hosted on an external service and we do not want to create any trouble for them or for us. Images also contribute towards that 10 MB size cap. You should be creating image packs for all card images, which is kept external from the game definition on the feed.
  • All guids must be generated using the established conventions, no sequential or non-random IDs will be allowed. We have had issues with this in the past and will be verifying that the GUIDs in newly-submitted games are propery generated before they are allowed on the feed. We do not want players to experience problems with their gameplay because of GUID conflicts between different games.
  • The game should have a decent proxy template set up for the game, which provides enough relevant information on the card for players to be able to play the game without requiring image packs of the card scans. This is especially important for games with restricted access to decent-quality card images, as the proxies will likely be the best method to visually display the cards in-game.
  • You must respect and follow any restrictions set by the game’s copyright holders. This may include things like censoring or withholding new card releases for a set amount of time, or omitting certain aspects of the game from appearing on OCTGN.
  • You will be expected to keep timely updates for the game. For games that are still actively releasing new cards, this means that the cards should be available within a reasonable time frame from the set’s official release (unless otherwise restricted by the previous point).
  • You will be expected to follow OCTGN’s development process and update the game definition within a reasonable time, when or if an OCTGN update breaks compatibility with older versions. This includes the Python API calls, XML structure and syntax, or any other updates which may cause the game to not function properly. There will be alerts and documentation when these types of updates may occur well in advance.
  • You will be provided a blog on the network to serve as a community portal for updates and development of the game. You will be expected to keep this blog active with download links, gameplay and setup instructions, and relevant game updates for players to read. The goal of the directory is to consolidate all of OCTGN’s unoffically-supported games into one location for easy access, and that requires the cooperation of all available games.
  • We will reserve the right to modify, update, or remove the game feed, posts on the blog, or the blog itself, at any time. You will be notified of any changes in advance. This includes extended periods of inactivity, broken files causing players to be unable to play the game, or by request of the game’s copyright holders.

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