Welcome to the Game Developer’s Club

This blog is designed as a handy resource for game developers.  It will contain various resource links to make game building a breeze.  Whenever a cool new Python API addition is made, or something in OCTGN’s codebase changes that affects games, we’ll try to post it here.

The goal is to keep all game developers updated on the latest functional updates to OCTGN and provide good resources to make things easier.  An RSS feed can be set up to broadcast these posts directly to your RSS-ready apps/devices.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Game Developer’s Club

  1. Hallo at all (Sorry my english isn’t the best) I found an cool old card game Named: bohnanza – game not the Movie 😉 and i like to make this work in OCTGN But I dont know how to do…. is there a chance to create it with the old Magic Set Editor?

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