Image Packs

Card images do not come bundled with game plugins (via the octgngames game feed), and must be installed as a separate download. To install a downloaded image pack (they have the .o8c file type), go to the “Games Manager” tab in OCTGN and click the “Add Image Pack” button.

The following image packs are available for download (please note that you must download and install ALL of these packs):

Base Image Pack v1.0 — Contains all of Grimm cluster, Starter Deck Faria/Melgis, and Seven Kings of the Lands

The Twilight Wanderer v2
The Moonlit Savior v1
Battle for Attoractia

Vingolf 2 – Valkyrie Chronicles v1
Lapis Starter Decks v1
Curse of the Frozen Casket v1
Legacy Lost v1
Vingolf 3 – Ruler All Stars v1 NEW! FEB 15 2017
Rise of the Dragon Emperor v1 NEW! MAR 6 2017 — Includes “Ascended Rulers Promo Pack”