How to Play


1) Download and install OCTGN from the following link: (Create an account while you’re here, you will need it to log into the OCTGN client.)

2) After opening OCTGN, click on the Games Manager tab.

3) Click on the green Add Game Feed button. Use the following:

  • Name: OCTGN Games Feed
  • Feed URL/Path:

4) Add the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game plugin!

Joining/Hosting a Game

Go to the Play or Spectate tab (1) and click the Start button (2) to start a new game, or click on the names of anyone in the lobby to join their game (3).


WARNING: Please do not click on the following buttons if you do not know what they do! It will probably mess up game functionality if you do:





Game Window


Loading a Deck & Drawing Your Hand:

To load a deck, use the Game dropdown in the top-left and select Load Deck, or use the Ctrl + L shortcut. Once a deck has been loaded, press the F12 key once to shuffle the deck and draw your opening hand of five cards.

If you don’t like your opening hand, the rules say that you can mulligan once per game. To do this, right-click anywhere on the hand area and select the Mulligan option, or use the Ctrl + F12 shortcut.

Deciding Who Goes First:

You can use one of the randomized functions to decide who goes first. Right-click anywhere on the field area, select the Dice and Coins category, and then pick an option:tutorial_4

  • Roll D6
  • Roll X-Sided Die (alt + X)
  • Flip a Coin (alt + F)




Playing the Game:

The game has six phases: Active Phase, Draw Phase, Main Phase (the first), Battle Phase, Main Phase (the second), and End Phase. When it is your turn, press the F1 – F6 keys to travel to a specific phase, or press the Tab key to travel to the next sequential phase.

At the end of your turn, press the F7 key (or Tab again) to make it your opponent’s turn.

Gaining CP and Playing Cards:

tutorial_5To gain CP by discarding a card, right-click on a card in your hand and select the Discard and Gain CP option. The card will go to the break zone and 2 CP of the card’s elememt will automatically be added to its tracker counter. (You can’t discard Light or Dark cards to gain CP.)

To gain CP by dulling a Backup, right-click on your ready Backup, select the “Backups” category and then pick the Dull and Gain CP option.

To play a card from your hand, right-click on it and select the Play Card option. If you don’t have enough total CP, or don’t have at least 1 CP of the same element as the card, an error sound will play.

After a card is played successfully, all of your CP is removed from the counters.

Cards on the Table:

You can hold the left-click and drag cards to move them around the table.

You can dull or ready cards by double-clicking on them, or right-clicking on the card and selecting the Dull / Ready option.

tutorial_6To target a card (useful for showing to your opponent that you are using a card’s ability), hold the Shift key and then left-click on the card once.

To show one card targeting another card, hold the Shift key, left-click and hold over one card, drag your cursor to another card, and then let go of the left-click.

To cancel the targeting animations, repeat the process of targeting the card.

tutorial_7To show that a Forward is attacking or defending, right-click on the Forward, select the “Forwards” category, and then pick the Declare Attack or Declare Defense option. (You can also place the mouse cursor over the card and use the Alt + A shortcut for Attack / the Alt + D shortcut for Defense.) This will draw a red or blue frame around the card.

To show damage or +Power on a Forward, right-click on the Forward, select the Set Damage… or Set +Power… category, and then select how much to display. (Damage goes away at the end of the turn.)

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