FFTCG – Plugin Release (ver

– All 148 cards from Opus II have been added, along with recent promos for Vincent and Lightning.
– If you haven’t played in a while, you might now notice that the majority of cards, while on the table, will automatically keep track of increases/decreases to their power.
– Additionally, for cards that have abilities such as searching the deck, you can access convenient functions via right-clicking on the card to make it faster and easier to grab them.
– Added Light/Dark CP counters.

3 thoughts on “FFTCG – Plugin Release (ver

  1. Hi! Wanted to notify that Vincent PR was not added into the promo image pack: there are only Sephiroth and Lightning PRs into it.

  2. hi, is the vincent promo in here?

    The promo folder doesnt hold it, just lightning and sephiroth.

    i wanted to make sure, the image is somewhere in here.

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